Apple: A Nutritional Fruit for Health

31 Jan 2018 41

Introduction of Apple:

As we know that An Apple a day keeps the doctor away this is the most popular quote that describes the importance of apple health benefits. Apple is one of the important and most favorite fruit ever. In addition from health care and nutrition, apple is used for medical purposes it can cure many diseases. Apple is too good for those who are health conscious.

In Apple production, Pakistan is world’s 10th largest country with 13 lac 35 thousand tones of apple fruit. Balochistan is the largest contributor of fruits (especially apple) in Pakistan; therefore it is also called ‘Fruit Basket of Pakistan’. KPK is second in number that contributes 25 percent of national apple growth.

Apple History:

Apple is very important for health. Apple came from Eastern Europe and Southwestern Asia and it has spread to the temperate regions of the world. Apple is one of the oldest fruit in the world and it has been enjoyed since 6000 B.C. Apple fruit has 7,000 varieties in the market today.

Apple Fruit Benefits:

Apple has many nutritional benefits. Apple is mostly called ‘Nutritional Powerhouse’; it has many benefits that prevent from different diseases. Vitamins present in apple maintain our body blood cells and the nervous system. Apple contains antioxidant like polyphenol and flavonoid that prevents from the risk of cancer. Apple can help to regulate the blood sugar. Apple is used for medical purposes and it may also help for beauty treatments. Apple glows skin it makes your skin fresh and healthy.

Apple fruit contains high quantities of vitamin-C and beta-carotene. Vitamin C is a great natural antioxidant. Use of foods rich in vitamin C that helps the body to build up resistance against bacteria and other damaging things.

Following are some benefits of Apple;

Apple Reduces Cholesterol:

Apple is a source of health. It contains fiber that combines with fat in larger intestine, which minimizes the cholesterol level. Researchers found that people who ate apple daily had 23 percent less bad cholesterol and 4 percent good cholesterol.

Apple Reduces Risk of Diabetes:

Apple also helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. A study that involves 187,382 people, says that people who ate at least one apple a day had 7 percent lower risk of developing two types of diabetes compared to those who don’t eat apple daily.

Anti-Cancer benefits of Apple:

American Association for Cancer Research proved that the use of flavonol-rich apples helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer up to 23%. Researchers said that Apple peal is very beneficial in reduction of cancer cells like lungs cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Apple contains fiber that minimizes the risk of colorectal cancer.

Heart Diseases Prevention:

A heart disease is very dangerous for health. Apple can be a medicine for heart patients because apple’s skin prevents the cholesterol level that is very risky for heart patients. When plaque grows inside the arteries, it minimizes blood flow in heart that usually cause heart attack but due to the high intake of fiber in apple may reduce heart diseases.

Apple gives you whiter and healthier teeth:

Apple is very good for teeth. It reduces tooth problems bad breath and yellow teeth. Apple lowers down the levels of bacteria in your mouth. When you bite and chew the apple, it stimulates the production of saliva in mouth, that prevents from tooth decay and bad breath problems.  

Apple reduces weight:

Overweight is a disease because there are many sewer diseases that are due to heavy weight like heart disease, blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Apple contains fiber that reduces the cholesterol level and makes you healthy fit and slim.

Apple boosts up Immune System:

When you are in tension, immune system automatically disturbed. Red apples contain antioxidant that is normally called quercetin. A study has found that Quercetin can help to boost up the immune system specially when you are in stress.




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Disadvantages of Apple:

Although apple is very healthy for our body and skin. But as we know that excess of everything is bad apple contains high level of sugar that might create problems sometime. There are some benefits and disadvantages of fruits, some disadvantages of apple are given below;

  1. Calories:

Due to sugar apple contains high calories. A medium apple contains about 100 calories and 90 of those calories are come from carbohydrates. Most diabetic patients have problem due to apple in their regular diet.

  1. Loose Stools:

Apple contains high amount of fiber that is good for health but it may create problem sometimes like when your body is not used to digest a high amount of fiber. This high amount of fiber may cause gastrointestinal issues including loose stools and sometimes diarrhea. 

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