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It has been said that a setback is a setup for a comeback. Frankly, in my opinion, it all depends on your point of view. If you see a lesson in everything, that is exactly you will find. If you, however, see misery hidden in everything, even the lightest things will show their dark parts to you.


Many things have been said about the struggles of life. We can take an example of physical exercises. When we are put against challenging obstacles in a physical workout, our bodies adapt for better. Similarly, our muscles fret better when faced with heavy objects. They are constantly dealing with exercise to become stronger.


Similar is the case of our mental muscles. When we are faced with challenging riddles and puzzles, we teach ourselves to become better thinkers. We start learning to stay positive.


And similar is the case of our spirit. Unless we meet challenges which stir the belief within us, our beliefs will always be on level one. Our beliefs become stronger when they are tested. Our spirit is strengthened by obstacles of life. We grow spiritually stronger by the ups and downs of life.


There is one thing which I would like to mention. Although the hurdles do make us stronger, we also have a choice about them. Suppose you wish to work out. You reach the gym. When you go there, you decide not to do any exercise again. You find it too hard for your body. You decide not to become stronger.


Later in life, when you will be required to do some physical work, it is something you will have to do. If you had exercised before, this will come off as easy task. If you decided not to work hard that time, this time will either cost you your health or your job. You also won’t be able to stay positive.




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Similar is the case of life lessons. We can see them as dread. Or we can learn to rise above our demons. We can complain all day until by some chance life gets better due to some reason.


Later in life, many things are going to come which will require the skills you were supposed to develop early. If you chose to live easily, you will find yourself either dissing those moments of opportunity, or you will have to work even harder than you had to do before. All of this was because we gave in to momentary enjoyments before. There are some tips given below to get you out of this hard time of life.


1. Take some time:

If you have lost someone from your family, or you are passing through a breakup, it is best if you take some time away.


When we are trying to repress some emotions, they surface up one way or another. There is no telling how much that emotion is going to disturb us later in life. The thing is, take some time to contain your grief.


The same goes for your joyous moments. When you learn to take some time away, you will express it in good ways. If you don’t do so, you will find yourself losing interest in life or your goals. That is something which will leave you frustrated all the time.


Give some time for emotions to pass off, be they of joy or sadness. You are a human being. You cannot make yourself busy in something and forget about it. Your human nature doesn’t allow it. There is a reason for it. When we take some time, face that emotion, we are learning our strengths and weaknesses. We are becoming better that moment. Just make sure you don’t take that long.


2. Importance of Goals:

When you have goals, your self-worth is boosted. You will have something in your life which will keep you on track even if you lose something.


Getting knocked down in life is nature of our life. In those moments, having goals makes us proud. It gives us reason to keep working on our life.


If you find yourself being a victim of circumstances, have faith on yourself. You should write down what you really want. Keep the goals as clear as possible.  Don’t decide on things like becoming president or other unrealistic notions.


3. Solutions, not the problems:

Every issue has two things with them. One is horrible dark side. This side tells us how much we have lost. This side brings us down. It keeps on bringing the worst in us. It tells us that what we have lost will never come to us.


There is other side. It is positive uplifting. It tells us that we have chance to grow stronger without the thing that we have just lost. It tells us that we can and are becoming stronger. It is filled with hope and faith. It makes us stronger.


The problem is that we focus too much on the first side. Yes it is human reaction. But there are many reactions which are devastating. Always remember that nature follows balance. You are certainly unbalanced if you focus on problem and its issues.


Similarly focusing on positive solutions only is also not a healthy approach. We can ignore many potential lessons by ignoring the troubling aspects of problems.


The solution is to realize that problems are there actually. We cannot ignore or avoid them. But we should also believe in our self power. We should have faith that no matter what, we will learn to grow out of them. If only we keep on acting, we can and will rise above them. Staying positive is an essential skill which is developed by focusing on solutions.




Stay Positive



4. This will pass:

This will always pass. Even if you are in a situation which is draining all the life out of you, trust me, it will pass nonetheless. The nature always balances itself. You will be offered to replenish your energy by some other means. Just make sure not to take too long on complaining which will make you miss those means. I am not being faithful or positive. I am simply saying what is universal law of nature. It operates through all of our lives. It also helps us to stay positive.

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