Battling Street Crime in Karachi

03 Feb 2018 48

When it comes to law and order situation in Karachi, it seems most police officials are interested in keeping their jobs instead of doing their jobs. The criminals running down the street is not a rare sight anymore. If this is not enough, there have been reports of armed criminal activity during traffic jams. Other than this, the citizens have to be extra careful when withdrawing money from ATM. This is because the rotten criminals don’t even leave that spot empty. In all this chaos, only one question remains. Where is the justice which is the right of every citizen? Clearly, those holding this power have no interest in implementing it.


In order to do something for the situation, the Sindh government has finally set up a committee. The committee is to ensure that trials and cases of individuals involved in street crimes are sped up for showing some solid results. It is further stated that courts have been set up to process the trials of suspects possibly involved in street crimes.


There is one big problem here. The same problem occurred during the initial constitution of Pakistan n 1973. No specific penalties were given to those who would defy the law and order. Similarly, courts here need to step up their game so that criminals are not released into the streets again. This situation of being caught and released on some intercession from powerful people has to be stopped.


In 2013, some action was taken. The heinous crimes like target killing, extortion and terrorism were reduced significantly. However, when it comes to street crimes, they are as green as ever. They are ongoing like nothing related to control operation happened at all in Karachi.


 Some claim that involving rangers along with police did have effects. However, where the major crimes went down, the road for street crimes was always open.


The solution as given by some of stakeholders and business owners is that some of crime control units should operate outside the police departments. The stakeholders also state that for each police station, by merely patrolling the area around the crime rate can be easily dwindled.


There have also been reported some hot spots which are the peak of these crimes. Police units are requested by people to scout these areas to check for some potential activity. The police is further pressed to actually go out and do something.


3rd Febuary, 2018  

Street Crime in Karachi

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