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When it comes in building success, we all have various goals. We all think of different goals being fulfilled when visioning success. Some of us mean relationship success. Some see finances being fulfilled as sign of success. While some see specific positions being given to them.


So what is actually success? There is no one answer. In shortest and simplest terms, success is simply achieving one’s goals. What is necessary for success? This list is again varying for different people. However, there are three things everyone agrees about. These things are a must for success. These three things are education, experience and enthusiasm. They are only learned by constantly learning more.  


These things are a must which define our successes in various fields or areas of life. However, there is another thing which will keep your juices running. That thing is called fuel.



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What is this fuel? Well it is that thing which doesn’t let you get tired. Some of you may say that it is called passion. That spark of energy which flows within us, allows us to remain focused on path. This is not the case.


The sparks as most of you know burn. If you try following the burning desire to follow the goals for far too long, you will face burn out.


What matters is our sustainable fuel. It comes in many forms. For some, it is faith in their efforts and universe. For other, it is notion to enjoy life while working. All are equally correct. The purpose is to remain focused on our path while not facing moments of extreme energy. All progress is made possible using balance.


What maintains this fuel? What is the thing which allows us to keep moving forward and produce sustainable fuel?


That thing is learning. The world is moving forward at a fast pace. In order to keep with it, we need to work on ourselves. We need to work on our strengths and weaknesses. We need to keep learning.


If the learning is excluded, your goals will become bland and boring. When you reach a certain stage of your goal, you will crave learning. Believe it or not, it is desired to keep evolving ourselves which allows us to keep going in direction of our goals. Come to think of it, constant learning is a reason why weak become strong. Constant evolution is the reason why learning is important for survival.


Given below are several tips for enhancing your learning experience. Always remember that when you are reading a self help article like this, the tips are meant to guide you. In the end, you will take action and modify what is given to you. You will need to do so to match your needs.


1. Keep reading:

What is the simplest way to keep expanding our knowledge? That simple way is called reading. When we read, we are giving ourselves a purpose. By feeding information to our brains, we are growing in our thinking patterns. Take an example of a bank account. If you keep adding credits, the bank account is sure to grow. Keep adding and you will certainly reach somewhere in your bank value.


There is another point to be noted here. Simply reading is not enough. Suppose you have the bank account as mentioned above. On daily basis, you are adding one cent in your account. How long will it take for it to reach proper value? Probably a life time!


What matters is what and how you read. It is not just the reading which counts. It is also what you read. If you read challenging materials, you will enhance your brain activity. To keep score of your field knowledge, you must search for high quality sources of information and knowledge. Reading such content which questions your knowledge and skills is one sure way to achieve this. Reading also fuels our desire to keep learning more.


2. Positive Feedback:

Suppose you try a thing out your way. The goal which you wanted to accomplish is not achieved. You try again. The failure happens for second time. You try multiple times, each time meeting failure.


Do you see an error in the above statements?


The error is in the person trying the goal. If you are constantly hitting bricks while trying like crazy, it simply means you aren’t trying properly. It doesn’t mean you are lazy. It simply means you are not learning. Suppose you always try to achieve things by do or die situation. It may work for a few things, it won’t work for all.


Our failure to learn sets us up for more failure. How do we learn?


One of most efficient ways to learn is constructive feedback. You must ask it from people whom you worked with. Believe it or not, people may tell you things which will surely help you in journey. Don’t rely on people too much however. Always question yourself. The purpose is to receive feedback and keep growing. The best way to do so is to be mindful. Look for people who will give you honest opinions. Positive feedback also puts our mind in state of learning more.




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3. How can you guide others?

When someone teaches someone else, both are involved in learning process.


Believe it or not, when you are guiding someone else through something that you have done, you learn a new thing every time. The process never stops. We keep learning whether we are student or teacher.


When you get a chance to teach others about what you learn, there is another wonderful opportunity waiting for you. Bu cultivating that teacher within you, you can teach yourself pretty neat things


Not only has this, teaching also allowed you to express your knowledge more precisely and clearly. If you aspire to be a lifelong learner, you will need to keep learning along with helping others learn.

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