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Matter of Chinese Visiting Sindh

The Sindh government has finally approached the federal government. The Sindh government wishes the federal government to carry out legislation regarding the Chinese citizens. The legislation is to involve the database of all the Chinese citizens visiting the Sindh.


The law minister of Sindh has passed several statements regarding this issue. He talked about the important economic project of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). He claimed that all the Chinese citizens visiting who were related to CPEC were registered and followed the legal course.


Then where exactly is the problem?


The Sindh government claimed that they don’t have access to 100% of the data. Especially with the approaching dangerous situation of Pakistan in some cases, it is highly necessary for recording the data evaluation. Otherwise, potential threats may involve themselves in the highly important project of Pakistan. The CPEC holds potential for nearly all of the Pakistani development.


The real problem is that the Sindh government doesn’t have the proper access to the data. As if this is not enough, the federal government has a fallacy in its data recording. The Chinese who travel by air are the only ones recorded. The others are somewhat without background information. This can lead to serious trouble. It has already happened in Karachi.






Lanjar said that laws need to be put. The laws should be equally applicable to everyone. Everyone is answerable to these laws including those who have travelled by land and those who have flown by air.


Further security measures have been added by putting laws in laws. The Chinese citizens are required to report to the local police stations before they register at hotels or some other places for their stay. The rules have also been set for those who have not been registered within federal government’s data keeping. They have to obtain the no-objection certificate from home provincial home government.


One may think this is too harsh especially if foreigners are to leave with good impressions. However, whatever is being done is done for good.


The laws held clear authority especially after two Chinese were caught in an illegal activity.


On 3rd January 2018, the police took two Chinese men into custody. These Chinese men were involved in some shenanigans. They were stealing the data of bank customers. They possessed special ATM skimming devices.


The Police said that other than important equipment, the ATM skimming devices were also confiscated.

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