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Fashion & Beauty

Hair fall treatment: Homemade Tips to avoid hair fall

- Oct 20, 2015

Homemade tips to cure Hair fall:  There are many homemade tips that can be used to prevent hair fall. Following are some handsome tips that may surely beneficial for hair loss. Hair loss is very dangerous because it indicated that a person is very weak……

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Homemade beauty tips for Acne and Pimples

- Oct 17, 2015

TOP THREE METHODS TO CURE ACNE AND PIMPLES Skin is the most precious thing that should be very clean and healthy. Mostly females are very concise to their skin they want pimple free clear and clean skin. There are many medications available in the market……

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Homemade beauty tips for Fairness: Skin Beauty

- Oct 15, 2015

10 MOST IMPORTANT HOMEMADE BEAUTY TIPS: Beauty is very essential factor for all females. Every woman wants to look beautiful, for beauty fairness plays an important role. There are many medications available in the market that can be use for skin fairness, but homemade beauty……

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Bridal Fashion and Culture from all Over the World:

- Sep 1, 2015

Every country has their own culture and tradition. Usually bridals and grooms prefer to marry in the tradition of their ancestors or at least they bring in some common elements of a traditional marriage ceremony from their cultural backgrounds. Some bridal fashion traditions are as……

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Fashion Trends: New Styles and Looks

- Aug 26, 2015

Fashion Trends and our society If you say to define the world fashion then i must say that its not easy task to define a fashion now a days. Fashion trends are very complex mechanisms that reflect changes of political, economical, cultural and social norms.……

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Painting or Eye Makeup?

- Aug 17, 2015

A women aged 29 years creates beautiful eye shades.  Tal Peleg belongs to israel and creates attractive eye makeup of cats and Emojis. She proved her self that she is a very good makeup artist by creating such a unique and adorable eye shades with nice blending of colors and emojis. Every……