Facebook Messenger Free Download-Your Choice for 2017

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Facebook Messenger Free Download-Your Choice for 2017


facebook Messenger is the app for your account which will run independently. It can easily run on the desktop without the need to log into your account. What makes it a cut above other messengers is its efficient use as well as simplicity. Given below are some of the attributes of this app which will make you want to search for facebook messenger free download.

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You must have a facebook account. If you didn't have, you wouldn’t have come here.

1. Operational for Multiple Platforms:

Are you a windows user? Perhaps Windows10 is the right one for you. Or perhaps, you want to keep using Linux or any other operating system. Facebook desktop messenger will easily run on any operating system. This incredibly flexible app will run regardless of your operating system of choice.


2. Freely Choose Themes!: 

Using regular facebook messenger was a good experience for most of the users. However, it lacked one simple yet flexible feature. Although it wasn’t a very important one, yet users still felt a need for it. Some of you want to get a fresh change. This modified version for the desktop now fills the gap by customizable themes. You can freely select new themes and allow yourself to get a fresh perspective every time you open chat.


3. Automatic Launching: 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access your messenger without opening the facebook account? It would also make you happy if this app started by itself on turning on of computer or laptop. The facebook desktop messenger now features both of options in it as default one. All of this will make you want to type facebook messenger free download in chrome!


 4. Profound Chat Experience: 

Chats are not just boring texts on this app anymore. With the option of group chats, emojis and gifs as well as video calling, this app is bound to satisfy you on every level.


 5. Thousands of Stickers: 

Much like the messenger integrated with Facebook, this app brings thousands of customized stickers for making your chat more than just texts and messages. It is to add color to your chat and make it more expressive. So utilize this amazing feature of Desktop Messenger and let your chat be filled with colorful expressions and make it more interesting.


 6. Global Calls: 

The facebook desktop messenger allows you to hold calls with your loved ones from anywhere in the world without actually having to log into the facebook account. This is a remarkable feature which saves you a lot of time from distractions and allows you to be actually in contact with those who matter to you most!


 7. Photo and Videos Sending: 

You can send multiple videos and photos using Facebook desktop messenger. The feature allows you to upload files of multiple sizes with a reasonable size limit. In that space, you can send short videos as well as photos or whole albums even. Therefore, do more than just texting and chatting, also become able to send interesting as well as relevant data through messenger.


 8. Status: 

You have the option of seeing uploading how your day went by an expression or sticker as well as a status. Others will see that status you uploaded. This produces a sense of connection to your old as well as new friends. It also allows you to see the status of others and see how they are doing.


9. Voice Messages: 

The voice messages are one of the interesting features of the Facebook desktop messenger. Do more than just virtually connect with your friends or peers. You can also send them the voice messages which allow the wonderful feeling of being in the moment. Hearing the voice of your loved ones and friends really puts you on another level of connection with them. Download this app and utilize this feature.


Facebook Desktop messenger is most probably the facebook app you are looking for. With all the above features mentioned, there is still more to it. Click on the link below for facebook messenger free download.



Facebook Messenger free download Desktop Messenger free download

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