Social Media:Advantages and Disadvantages Social Media: Force of Good or Evil? Social Media Usage: Advantages: Social media is a medium of communication with each other around the world. There are many advantages of social media like millions of people communicate at the same time with the help of social media; no doubt social media is bringing people more closer than earlier. With the passage of time social media coomunication sites are increasing day by day to connect the world.   Mostly, the younger sector of society including pre-teens and teens joins social networking sites.  They love to chat, commenting, posting pictures and videos and they post status about their ..... Read More
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Healthy living tips: Fruits and their Benefits Fruits: Helps to cure Dieseases: Apple: Apples contain antioxidants called flavonoids, which may minimize the chance of diabetes and asthma. Apples are also a natural mouth freshener and clean your teeth with each juicy bite. Apple is very good for skin it brings freshness to skin.  Apple can lower your cholesterol level by 16%. Banana: Banana contains 105 calories, 3 g fibre, source of vitamin B6, potassium and folate. Banana helps to control the blood pressure. Banana is very good for skin. One of the plus point of banana is it can reduce depression. Grape: 125 ml grapes juice contains 53 calories, less than 1 g fibre. Grapes contain resveratrol, an ..... Read More
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Heart Attack Cause and Prevention Heart attack is very sever disease that damages heart muscle. Heart attack is also called myocardial infarction (MI), mayo means muscles, cardial refers to the heart and infraction means death or damage of tissue due to lack of blood supply. What Happens during Heart Attack:  What Happens During Heart Attack: > During heart attack heart muscle loses blood supply due to blockage. > The blood supply usually lost the coronary artery that supply blood to the heart, has a blood clot that cause blockage. > If some of the heart muscle dies that person may experience chest pain. > The heart muscle that loses blood, heals by ..... Read More
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Major Effects of Depression on our Body: Symptoms and Treatment Depression: A Sever Illnes  Depression is a serious illness that impacts a person’s brain directly. It affects the person’s sleeping habits, eating habits, mood and thinking. Depression is not just weakness or feeling down, it contributes in a wide variety of physical problems that affects everything in your body. According to the report of National Institute of Mental Health, there are about 6.7% of adults in the United States have depression. People with depression may also develop other health issues as well. Major depression is also called major depressive illness or clinical depression. Effects of Depression: Overwhelming Sadness Emptiness or Hopelessness Cognitive Changes Preoccupation with Death Clinginess  Aches and pains Weight ..... Read More
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Burn your Calories through Mobile App Mobile Applications can Reduce your Weight: Researchers are making different types of mobile apps daily. A new app is launched that can burn your calories this application is very usefull to reduce your weight. This new app called MyBehavior. MyBehavior also suggests daily nutrition food along with details about the calories you would like to save or burn. There are plenty of applications that suggest food for healthy livings like Fithabbit and Jawbone. MyBehavior already tracks running, walking and sitting with GPS and small accelerometer, using that data with its algorithms to generate suggestions that you're likely to try. For instance, if you walk to ..... Read More
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Apple Releases Updated OS X 10.10.5, iOS 8.4.1 and iTunes 12.2.2 Good News for Apple Users According to the news Apple company has released updates for both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Latest iOS 8.4.1updates: iOS is now available for ipad, iPhone and ipod touch. This update will improve Apple Music and resolve several other issues includes security updates. To install the latest update you should have a Wi-Fi connection.Tap on the settings icon on your iOS device and then go to General > Software Update. Then Tap download and install. There is an other method of installation by connecting your iOS device to your Mac and then install the latest update via iTunes. Latest OS X ..... Read More
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