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Are you looking for an audio editor which is both digital and use for professional services? You have come to the right place. This software which is highly rated is all setup and loaded to perform nearly everything that an audio editor does. It does the simple recording as well as performs the complex task of audio processing, restoration, enhancements and conversions. Easy to be learned and used, the features will make you want to go after the option of goldwave free download. Given below are some of its features:

  1. Playing:

You can listen to all your songs here with standard options of rewinding or forwarding. You can also play visuals on this utility. Along with standard options of rewinding or forwarding, you can also change the playback speed of your song.


  1. Recording:

Within recording option, there are standard choices like recording at any time. Setting a timer for recording to stop is also included. All of the high and efficient systems within software are hidden behind simple to be understood and user interactive interfaces.


  1. Audio Editing:

Whether it’s the slicing, dicing or merging of large audio files like a DJ, you can do it all using this platform. Feel like a DJ as you merge different music audios to create interesting themes for different purposes.


  1. Effects:

There are many audio effects used for adjusting bass or treble. You can use equalizer, auto-gain for different volume gains or simple beep sounds for censoring. The playing with effects is quite simple. You just need basic level understanding instead of being an expert.


  1. Analysis of audio:

You can analyze audio with real time visuals. The representation of sound levels in histograms and other graph like figures is very helpful for proper customization. You can also isolate or manipulate certain features of audio without affecting the audio as a whole.


  1. Powerful Tools:

You can practically configure hundreds of file with a few clicks. That’s how powerful its tools are. Goldwave also ensures the availability of every tool which will help you customize your audio to the bone without resorting to complex methods.

Goldwave free download Goldwave

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