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The first criticism which arises here is that some people are not naturally inclined towards sports. When I put the word of loving of sports here, I don’t mean need to start memorizing the football or cricket rules or team players’ names. Damn it that sucks! No! What I mean here is that you simply adjust to loving sports as part of your daily activity.


The modern age of tech has approached. As a guy who is in his early twenties, I can tell you that I did grow up in age where sports were once pretty popular. I am one of those 90s kids who aren’t kids anymore. We are officially young adults if this makes anyone happy.


I have seen the society where we all loved cricket or some other sport. I used to get intensely bored in the afternoon when all other children were playing outside. Usually at that time, there wasn’t anything good on TV and there was no concept of computer.


I remembered passing time while being shy and hiding myself from others. Then the time changed. Although my childhood passed, I can still see the children of today. Not going outside and playing is something which is pretty normal nowadays. Especially when this age of laptops has provided with enough distractions to keep us busy, we have increasing sedentary lifestyle even in case of kids. The end result is increasing rates of obesity even among kids. The kids are experiencing digestion problems which normally arise in adults.


This sedentary lifestyle is also harmful for the long run. Our life is lived as a mixture of physical and mental energy. We use brain in office work. However, a healthy body will have a healthy mind. Therefore, if our bodies are not healthy or we didn’t cultivate physical strength in our teenage years, we cannot perform well. As a result, the diseases like cholesterol or heart diseases are quite common. Our mental energy cannot cope up with weak physical structure then.


I am personally a huge fan of sports. I don’t like cricket matches or football mind you! I like playing the sports or engaging in physical activities with my friends. It gives a great sense of purpose. This article is for people of all ages. For young adults or teenagers, it can easily relate. However, those who are adults, I must tell you that joining a club or sports group is far better than trying to workout on your own. First of all, you will never be regular. 2ndly, you will not enjoy the process. If you join with three to four friends, you will love the process. It will also provide you enough time with your buddies.





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Given below are some of the problems which will result when you have sedentary lifestyle.


1. Circulatory Problems:

Instead of going into enormous problems which will result as your circulatory system is weakened, I will simply state the benefits of healthy circulatory system. This is because I care about you whoever is reading this stuff. I don’t want to sound ominous.


Our circulatory system is one of most crucial systems in our body. When it is improved, we can take in lots of fresh air. This fresh air also generates a lot of new and fresh blood. The old cells are discarded fast. Other than this, the heart circulates the better blood. This also lowers the rate of cholesterol. Other than this, the internal organs can perform their functions much better with new oxygenated blood. The body also better detoxifies itself.


Now imagine circulatory system growing weaker. I don’t need to list the possible potential harms it will cause to your physical as well as mental health. Point of matter is, do some sports.


2. Weight Gain:

Your nice muscles will hide themselves under enormous layer of fats. I bet you wouldn’t like that.


I think it is pretty obvious that your intake of food must be lower than how much your metabolism can handle. Other than this, you also need to exercise, be it sports or anything else like workouts.


When you don’t maintain the perfect food balance, a few things may happen which will not be liked by you. One of these few things is that you will gain enormous amount of weight. Other than simple weight gain, your cholesterol levels are bound to increase due to fats piling up on the muscles. The sports encourage your weight and figure to remain manageable and smooth. This will allow for better management according to your figure.


3. Diabetes:

One of main reasons of diabetes is high rate of sugars present in body which proves harmful for you. This is because not many people are digesting what they are taking in.


Many people eat too much junk food. It is impossible to avoid different types of foods when we are outside. Therefore, you need to exercise to digest the sugars which have chance of gathering in your body and causing harm.


4. Mental Effects:

Depression, frustration, unnecessary boredom… you name any harmful mental effect and I can prove it is somehow related to lack of activity be it mental or physical.


We face different stress at work and general life. What makes us keep going?


We need to constantly shift our focus on different places. This often constitutes healthy mental activity. This couple with physical activity is perfect match for healthy lifestyle.


When we play sports, our focus can be shifted elsewhere. Managing healthy mental activity requires some cultivation of will which is not possible by everyone. This is where the sports come into play. Since most of us respond on physical level, they allow us to shift our minds elsewhere. Sports also allow serotonin to be released into our systems which is responsible for happiness.


On the contrary, if you avoid sports or any other physical activity, you will undergo harmful effects. You will not find yourself focusing on productive things. Exhaustion due to stress can be only fought by shifting focus elsewhere.

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