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According to a philosophical saying, if we have feet in our shoes and brains in our heads, we can move in any direction we want to. Both literally and metaphorically….


We are often told to choose what we love to do. How is this going to help us? We are often told that if we do so, we will never have to work. Since work is associated with frustration or overloading, following passion is encouraged.




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What if I told you that you will get mentally overwhelmed anyways? Whether you are maintaining office job or even working at studios, mental exhaustion is linked to working. You will become easily mentally overloaded if your focus is not strong. It is our focus which determines our reality.


In order to stay mentally strong, we have to adopt a few habits. I am not about to give you a list of those habits since it is useless. What may have worked for me may not work as easily for you. I am about to share a few tips with you. These tips will allow you to enhance your focus.


Until this century, there has been a remarkable increase in brain functions of people. This is not to say that we work harder than our ancestors. The case might be quite the contrary. In fact, the increase in brain activity generally is a sign of evolution. Given below are some facts and tips which will help you enhance your focus.


1. No Multitasking:

We often hear and see the demand for multitasking. Many of talents of person are judged on basis of multitasking. We generally meet people who prefer multitasking people. We see demands for multitasking in great companies.


In various industries and all across the companies, we see people multitasking. In long run, the multitasking wears them out. They may be extra efficient in completing tasks. However, they are not very effective in coming up with different solutions. Multitasking becomes more of habit instead of a skill.


The problem is with our brains. Instead of dissipated light, imagine a focused beam of laser. The laser is way more potent. Similarly, the multitasking is not supported naturally by brain. Our brains provide us with limited amount of energy to focus. According to scientists we usually take 40% longer time in completing our projects. This is when we are multitasking. When we focus on one task at one time, we finish our projects much quickly.


It is ok to perform 2 or 3 tasks in one time. This is also if quality is not required much. However, the concept that efficiency increases by multitasking is a myth. There is no scientific proven evidence for this.


2. Take Short Breaks:

When you have been working consecutively on something, believe it or not, you are decreasing your efficiency.


We humans are interesting creatures. If we focus on something too long, we are sure to mess it up. This is because our mind needs change.


The idea of taking short breaks between work times may seem crazy to you. It is not. Trust me when I say this. You will perform at least three times better than before. Don’t forget to recharge. That is what happens when we take short breaks. It is like building an island in a busy ocean.


Creating a temporary inner space may do wonders. This space can be imaginary or physical location. You may walk on the balcony to recharge your mind.


There is another thing which may mess you up. After breaks, sometimes we don’t want to come back and resume. This indicates lack of flexible boundaries. When you fail to make flexible boundaries, you become over attached to the experience of liberation after work.


What matters is the balance. Creating flexible boundaries whether in personal or professional self is a great help. You will live your life more happily.



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3. Change the norms:

Do you constantly sit while typing something on computer? Is your job a desk job? Do you get frustrated sometimes?


Have you ever thought of changing this? Change a seat maybe? Or try different position? How does it work?


One of the main problems with main routine is that we often get bored of it. Nowadays in nearly all of big companies, the formal office culture is getting eliminated. This is to make sure people are comfortable. It also ensures that energy is spent creatively on things which matter. For example, if you keep adjusting yourself on that irritating chair, half of your mind will be occupied here.


All in all, the norms sometimes become boring and bland. Unless we change them healthily, we are prone to lack of focus and frustration.


4. Additional Aids:

Some of the tips given in this point are quite cliché. You are supposed to use different aids for enhancing your focus. Sometimes all the diverted focus is because of accumulated frustration. This frustration is bound to cause loss of concentration and focus.


Normally people start their day with consumables like tea or coffee. The caffeine improves your focus. Other than this, it also brings your state of freshness to a new level.


Other than this, music aids are also used. While doing an extensive data entry work, people can easily listen to songs or music. While doing math or memorizing the subjects, people also listen to instrumentals which are a great help.


It is up to you which aids you choose. Just remember to choose what increases your focus.

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