How to do Career Counseling?

Nov 27, 2016


How to do Career Counseling?


Educational and career counseling services could be delivered in many ways once we develop proper awareness all across Pakistan.





  • Educational and career counseling could be done through regular or monthly meetings with the students, first of all
  • Counseling could be beneficial when counseling team also held meetings with parents to make them aware of their child’s interests and skills.
  • Counseling could be done through seminars and about education and career counseling awareness at first and then once student get knowledge of what it is? Then they should provide opportunities for student to have practical knowledge of different profession practically by offering internships.
  • Counseling team should track down the academic record of a student to get better idea of which direction they should guide that student towards.
  • Counseling team should maintain regular or at least monthly meeting sessions with the student.
  • Counseling team should also have responsibility to guide secondary teachers, higher level teacher and psychologists so they can also put their contribution towards the effort of educational and career development of student. In this way teachers can understand the true skills and capabilities of student and help them to get the right education and career direction.


fish quote about intelligence


How stupid as well as funny it is to blame the fish for not climbing the tree like other animals and birds. The reason is fish is not meant to be made for climbing a tree. If you say fish to swim then it could show its true skills and capabilities. When it comes to the monkey that is famous for its climbing skills now looks dumb when it comes to swimming. Sounds good? So why not consider this thing for students also. They are also living things, is not so? Don’t let anyone to think all its life that he/she is dumb, When Allah has gifted him/her with prominent capabilities that just need to be explored or discovered by some efforts like Career counseling. Who you are to blame then?

career counseling


Career Counseling team should arrange meetings with other international education and career counselors. So they can collaborate and come up with something productive. It will not only help students to select a right field for their future but also help development of Pakistan as a well-educated nation.


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