Internet of Things and Cyber Security

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Cyber Safety through Internet of things

Back in 2006, a science fiction movie was released that stormed the theaters. This movie was named as, “Déjà vu”. In this movie, a government agent intensively uses some special government technology. What’s so special about the government technology? This tech had the ability to bend time and space in that movie. The government agent goes back in time and achieves what cannot be achieved by traditional means. He fends off a terrorist attack. The government agent also foils many other terrorist plans by this.



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While the concept of déjà vu was epic, the technology was shown to be used only for good purposes. The idea was to bend the time and space to achieve a greater good. However, another question arises. The technology is still there. Apparently, the government in the movie used it for good. But what if it is used for selfish agendas of government? The imagination runs wild here. Ethical questions are raised among critics of the movie. They are mostly related to government surveillance technology and keeping check in our private lives.


One of the most wonderful and remarkable innovations is the internet of things. The internet of things has established itself as an evolving system with respect to time. But what is basically the internet of things? Well, internet of things is technology system which allows normal devices or smart devices to be exact to connect to the internet. This allows for effective receiving and transmission of data. The process is not very complex. In fact, it is the simplicity of process that has enticed its users. The users of IOT (internet of things) are increasing annually.


On daily basis, billions of devices are connected to the internet of things by users. It is predicted that in addition to a current number of devices being connected, there will be a 20 billion more which will be connected. This will include everything from the home automated devices to the ones used in institutions. The machine learning has already got involved in nearly everything on daily basis.


There is one problem. If it was a small one, it wouldn’t be that spoken about. However, as we all know, every device we connect to the internet of things is vulnerable to hacking. Who controls the internet? Apparently, no one does. However, as we all know, someone does actually control it. The future of net neutrality is at stake because of this dictatorship which is well concealed. Unfortunately, every device connected to the internet of things has the potential chance of becoming a fodder for the government. Why is this so? This is because internet of things falls under the control of development companies. Many of which are owned by the government itself.



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The Internet is truly the greatest for the intellect of human evolution. However, the moment we are connecting our devices to the internet, we are actually sharing our information in return for some pale surfing of internet. This statement weighs a little less in effect if we consider the knowledge and innovative sources internet makes available for us. It also doesn’t apply to everyone who uses the Internet of things. However, the problem of its openness is that our devices are vulnerable to hacking and government control.


This has some potential to be used for wrong purposes. As some of the critics are suggesting, when we connect a device online, we are sharing nearly all of our information on the internet. If there are such things as bad officials who are after someone, getting their information out is no trouble at all. This can also indicate the higher chances of security breaches on apparently wrongly accused people


In the future, the information about everyone is about to become an open book. This can open new ways for surveillance and identification as well as monitoring. This can, however, be leading towards privacy breaches too. Some among government may also breach private information of wrongly accused people.

Block of Chains

Blockchain technology is claimed to be ultimate cure. What exactly is this blockchain technology? The developers who are behind the internet of things also say that they are going to develop blockchain technology after which things are bound to become different. This can ensure security for various business owners who need to keep an intense security check over their network of information.


For understanding a block of chains, let us first focus on a few things about IOT. Internet of things allows the connection of devices to internet connection. The internet is a central network for everything. Since a surveillance called cloud surveillance is involved here, the data is quite vulnerable. If the data is to be kept secret, it is like opened lock amidst the robbers.


What blockchain technology does is that it decentralizes the whole system. Against the various types of attacks, there is one thing which is common. It is the central network which leaves about a ton of various vulnerable points. What happens in the block of chains is the restriction of information. The information is not accessible to everyone.



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This not only keeps a strict check over the systems handling information, it also gives new enhancements to security. It is always easier to control a few number of computers than controlling the source of internet.

Information by Tokens

The two most encouraging features of IOT are that

a. It offers tokenized information.


b. It is unchangeable


The offering of tokenized information means the information is handed after having access to system’s domain. The access to all information is now in complete control of the system. The source of main information maybe internet, however, the private information is only accessible to the avid users.

The blockchain technology is also unchangeable. This is because many are committed towards the development of internet of things. People don’t only want information, they sometimes also demand privacy. The role of government surveillance system has been abused in the past. This caused the block of chains to be developed. Ever since its initial release, many developers have dedicated themselves to developing this system as best as possible.

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