Iranian Women Protest against increasing dress code regulations in Iran

03 Feb 2018 40

When it comes to religious dressing, everyone has their own opinion. However, in Iran, the enforced rules of dressing and headscarf have been common for women. The dress codes have been intensified due to increasing strictness. The Iranian women are not taking it well.


Until now, nearly 29 women have been arrested due to not wearing a scarf in public. What more is that they were further alleged of public offenses. The report had no elaboration or any similar evidence for the fact. It seemed as if the arresting individuals had some bone to pick with ladies wearing no head scarf.


However, the chief prosecutor of these activities claimed that these protests on dress codes were created trouble by the foreigners.


The arresting of women is not new. Nearly 11 women have been arrested due to protesting. Their way of protest involves waving around scarf on street corner as a protest. This is no big deal. However, the prosecutor seems to think otherwise.


One of prominent human rights lawyer revealed the bail set on one of those women. It was 100,000$.


The protests seem more than simple trouble if pondered upon. This is proved by the fact that many religious conservatives have openly supported the cause. Some say that dressing is a personal matter of every woman and man. It should not be forced. Female activists have been very active in these protests. A few of them hold signs which say that attempts to control women through dress and other means have failed many times. Similar other messages are also displayed on the signs. One of the other signs says that the women love hijab, except when it is forced.


The ILNA agency stated that the protests are a natural reaction to our own restrictions and mistakes. When the Iranian government put too much unnecessary pressure on the women, it provoked their rebellion.


Speaking about this, the deputy speaker of parliament Ali Mothari said that these protests weren’t the real concerns. Women have been allowed to walk the streets dressed in whatever manner they want to. He further played down the importance of these protests. He said that it was no big deal that a few women were out waving their headscarves in the air. Women respect the head scarves more or less. This is an issue which is being made severe by the media.

3rd February 2018

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