Killing of Karachi Policeman – TTP Accepts the responsibility

17 Jan 2018 11

A policeman was shot down while he was on his way to work. He was shot dead in Nazimabad, an area of Karachi. The responsibility for this life attack on the policeman was accepted by the tehreek-e-taaliban. It seems they were involved in this target killing case.


Irfan Ali Baloch who is senior superintendent told about TTP accepting responsibility. In an interview to Dawn, he told that Shakir, who was the victim, was actually part of deputy inspector general (DIG) West reserve force. This can be potential reason of why he was targeted. They must have been solving some case.


He was on his way to home. In the midway, two unidentified people came on motorcycles and gunned him down with multiple shots. He was instantly killed.


Important political figures have taken notice of this case. They include Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Home minister Sohail Anwar and Inspector general of police AD Khowaja. They have all contacted the DIG WEST (Deputy Inspector General) to provide them with details of case. This is to ensure that no such killing happens in future.


Karachi Operation

The Karachi has always been one of most sensitive places when it comes to elements of terrorism and criminal activities. The commercial hub was especially affected due to terrorism in 2013. The operation against this terrorism especially in commercial hub was started in same year back then. The start of this operation was due to federal cabinet. Rangers were empowered due to cabinet. They were to lead operation against the targeted criminals. This was done to help police achieve their goal of fighting terrorism effectively which they seem to do not so well. These criminal targets were already involved in extortion, kidnapping, murder and target killings. Being on high lists of bingo books of executioners, they had to be handled effectively.


Apart from open attacks, some terrorist attacks were also sneaking ones. These were especially troubling due to their concealed nature. This matter was handled by Gen Raheel Shareef. On May 14, 2015, General Raheel Shareef arranged a high level apex committee, the effective surveillance was implemented.


This may come off as total surprise to some, but the beneficial actions of General Raheel Shareef were criticized by politicians. The measures were thought out to be extreme. However, it was due to these so called extreme measures that Karachi became peaceful again, a feat which was constantly avoiding the achievements of politicians. It seems the politicians targeting the efforts of General Raheel Shareef were more interested in keeping their jobs than actually doing their jobs.


Due to brave efforts of army and rangers, the terror attacks have been reduced by 60%. Efforts are still going on. However, the lurking threats to peace are still there.


tehreek-e-taaliban Killing of Policeman

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