Latest Technology: Advantages, Disadvantages and Future Technology.

Aug 19, 2015

I can’t say that technology is improving or destroying our homeland but, I must say that technology brings people more closer than earlier. No matter how far the distance is through latest technology we can easily communicate with our loved once. Mobile technology is an example of simple and easy communication with our friends and relatives, so we can say that technology is playing a major role in bringing the world more closer. 


Advantages: Security Measures

However there are many benefits of technology but, one of the best advantage of technology is security measures. Security is the major issue today due to terrorism, illegal activities and political problems everywhere. Although this issue can be resolve by the enforcement of latest technology like;

  1. Communication Security Measures (Text Messages, Multimedia, Social Sites, Phone Calls)
  2. Identity Verification
  3. Password Implementation
  4. Physical Security and Access
  5. Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Plans
  6. Virus Protection Tools
  7. Vulnerability Scanning
  8. Network Access Control
  9. Use of Intelligent Sensors
  10. Data /Information Security
  11. Accurate Database Maintenance

The above methods can improve the security and solve the major problems. We can reduce the rate of crime, cyber crime, unauthorized access to private data, illegal activities, hacking and cracking.

Disadvantages: Cyber Crime

Unlike benefits there are some negative aspects of technology. Human beings are totally depends upon latest technology most of them continuously use landlines, cell phones, email and other social networking sites and disconnection will make them depressed and nervous. With the use of latest technology Cyber crime is increasing day by day and I think that this is the major issue and disadvantage of technology.


Computer based crime includes:

  1. Stealing Credit card number
  2. Online Auction Fraud
  3. Threatening Emails
  4. Internet gambling
  5. Identity Theft
  6. Distribution of Child Pornography
  7.  Fraud Applications for services or goods
  8. Fraud Business of Online Buy/Sell goods
  9. Hacking Private data of a person or company

According to Department of Justice news in US, mostly people who involves in cyber crime are young as 21 years old.  They are running cyber crime rings, steal customers information, credit card information, hacks companies important and private data and costing customers and companies millions of dollars.


In 2007, a survey was conducted and according to its report there was $21.1 million lost due to financial fraud, $8.4 million to viruses, $6.9 by system penetration by an outsider and $5.7 million due to confidential data theft. This is the most serious problem and it should be resolved through proper investigation and security measures.

Future Technology 

In future, I think one day technology will change everything maybe we can travel from one country to another within few minutes or maybe people will move from one planet to another easily. Maybe the borders will disappear by the latest technology or we can say that the world will be united into one.  

What will be the future cars? I dream a car that can move by water instead of petrol. I wish that there will be driver less cars in future so that no car crash will happen because computer can control cars safely then human beings.


I think in future Robots might be our servants. They may clean our homes, park our cars, wash our dishes, set our wardrobe, wash our cloths and then press those cloths, bring goods from market, prepare our meal and massage our body when we feel tired.


I wish that in future cyber crime will be finish and people will live tension free life and latest technology will bring improvement and better constructions instead of horrible destructions.

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