Mardan Protests against conviction of 31 Men Involved in Mashal’s murder

09 Feb 2018 38

The daily routine in KPK province of Pakistan was interrupted due to a protest. This protest was scheduled after the juma prayers. Thousands of workers and supporters of religious parties came on roads to protest against police. Apparently the cause is that police has arrested 31 men who are accused to be involved in murder of a student. This murder happened in April 2017. The student’s name was Mashal.


It is surprising how people forgive murder so easily when it comes to blasphemy. Apparently Mashal who was somehow accused of blasphemy became the victim of a brutal murder. Apparently even evidence is not required. Just point towards someone whom you hate that he or she has done blasphemy and the fanatics will go right after them.


A similar face of hate was shown when these perpetrators in name of religious icons and falsely religious workers held protest. This protest was held against arrests of people who were involved in murder. They went as far as holding banners against Mashal supporters. On banners, hateful comments like, “Stop us if you can Mashal supporters!”


The main leading party behind this protest was the tehreek-i- Khatam Nabowat. This potential party has the power to lead people into religious fervor. It is not right or wrong anymore. It is more like, “My party, my party, right or wrong, my party!”


The protest was successful in creating rifts among city. The traffic also experienced a heavy jam. These perpetrators were scheduled to lead their protest from Pakistan Chowk to College Chowk. However, the protest thankfully ended with dua for the so called wrongly accused.



Mashal Murder in Pakistan Mardan protests

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