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Dec 1, 2015

Page Size checker

A page or webpage is a document written in Hyper Text Markup Language and contains text, images and hyperlinks to other web pages. It is accessed using a web browser by entering a web address (URL). Web pages are designed differently for different screen resolutions and sizes so that could work with as many browsers as possible. In the context of SEO, webpage size is an important factor that helps ranking a webpage in search engines so it is important to keep track of your web page sizes using page size checker tool.

What is page size checker?

Website size checker is a tool for measuring a total webpage size and is used to check website size of any page, either your own page or of your competitors. A total webpage size summed up including the sizes of all of the elements that are used to create a web page that can be an HTML file, CSS, videos or images. The page size checker tool requires only the URL of the website and calculates the page size in Bytes or Kilo bytes (KB). Below is the image of website size checker tool provided by, it requires the URL of the web page which size needs to be calculated.

The tool is page showing the size of given webpage in Kilo Byte and Bytes

Elements involved making a page size:

Apart from HTML and CSS code, other elements that have a huge impact in making a file size larger are following:

Media Files:

Media files including images and videos usually have large sizes and the webpage containing more media files, the more time it takes to load. Image size depends on their actual size; image quality and image file type and web pages without images attracts less visitors so media files are one of the important content of webpage.


Another element of a webpage is a JavaScript that makes a page size larger as it supports huge number of elements in a webpage such as hover over feature, form validation, rotating banners and pop-ups. JavaScript takes major file size and requires more hard work to reduce size without breaking functionality.

Custom Fonts:

Usually websites use fonts found on standard operating systems and are around 0.5MB in size. The webpage size increases if different font styles and weights are used.


So it is important to check the size of each of the element using a page size checker to keep track of the large sized element type.

Why to Use?

Page Size is a one of the main factor involved in context of SEO and ranking your page or website on search engines. The larger the web page the more time it will take to load or download a webpage and if a page is taking long time to load then it would result in high bounce rate because internet surfers usually do not like waiting long for the page to load. Page size checker keeps updated about the physical file size the webpage so you can shrink down the file sizes accordingly. Once you set the webpage size so you can check the loading speed of the page by using a page speed checker.

The more media files are added to your webpage, the size of the page increases and will consequently take time to load. The smaller the webpage size the more quickly it loads and the average size of a webpage is 12KB. Website size checker can also check the size of webpage dividing it to contents type. Below is the image of the statistics created by using Pingdom website speed test tool, showing all the elements that make up the total webpage size and how large the each file is and how long each file took to download.



Webpage size and ultimately the web page speed are most important factors involved to get a ranked webpage. Some improvements in page sizes can create a great impact on the number of visitors who wait for the webpage to load. Know your web page size online free by using an efficient page size checker tool provided by

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