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When it comes to goal setting, we all face severe setbacks. In the end, we end up giving up on goals. How many times did you give up on being your innermost desires? Unless of course you want to turn into alien or something similar, your desires have reality. They can manifest in ways you don’t imagine. They can be achieved by practical goal setting.


We all have been there. Setting aggressive approach to goal achieving, and then getting angry over not achieving anything… We also sometimes find it easy to switch to some other goal and set unrealistic expectation. This creates unstable attitude. This also creates lack of motivation. This lack can be cause of general frustration in life.


Tell me this, what have you thought about your life? Have you ever sit down and ask yourself this? I am not counseling you. I am infact asking you a realistic question. How many times have you felt motivated by someone’s success? Only to try taking same approach which they apparently took and then fail? Perhaps you also tried the famous law of attraction. It didn’t do anything other than creating delusions.


Where exactly is the problem here? What is wrong with goal setting? Apparently some people are more gifted than others. They seem to get their way.


I will ask you to put yourself in place of a person. Let this person be very hard working. This person is am entrepreneur. He is trying desperately to have a successful startup. However, he keeps falling flat on his face. Time to time, he is learning new lessons. As he learns, he grows. As he grows, he is finding ways to make his business successful. After this, he finally achieves what he desires most.


When others will hear his success story, they will be notified of his struggle. Yet very few will actually resonate with him on personal level.


If you look at major successful people, they have failed more times than an average person has even tried. They are not supernatural species. In fact, they are living breathing people, who are achieving what they want to achieve. They aren’t lucky. They in fact create their own luck.



Goal Setting



I will share a few tips of goal setting with you. I found all these tips from all successful people. The difference is that they are not habits. They are actually effective tips which allow you to form your own formula of success.


1. Shortcuts lead to disasters:

Want to know the difference between a loser and a winner? Ask them how to get rich.


The loser will respond that the way to get rich is to win a lottery. The other way is to win a lawsuit. You better find someone to blame for something worthy. Then sue them. Pretty flawed logic right?


The winner will simply say that persevere. No matter where you are, what you are, persevere! You have the ability to shift from the current version of you to the version you dream of becoming.


What is the difference in loser’s and winner’s way of becoming rich? The loser dreams of shortcuts. He dreams of things which can be achieved only through chance. He puts his faith into the uncontrollable events. He refuses to put faith in self power. As a result, his life becomes what others make it.


The winner puts faith on himself. He knows there are no shortcuts to the success. If there were, they aren’t very stable ones.


So who is the one who gets rich? Well winner’s state of mind allowed many famous entrepreneurs to become what they are today. The losers…we don’t know anyone famous businessman being one.


When you believe in your own effort, you put faith in yourself. You then reject the things like cheating, lying or extortion. In the end, you make yourself either miserable or wise and resourceful. The amount of work is hardly different.


2. Take it slow and steady:

So what is with this step?


You should compare this to how a chef cooks. What does a chef do when he/she has to cook a complicated dish? Try imagining the pizza. Not very complicated huh?


Ingredients are added slowly and by turns. Not only this, the chef checks constantly about right timings. She/he doesn’t care about time. As long as the pizza is being made successfully, chef’s purpose is done.


Now imagining if pizza-making was rushed. All ingredients would literally be tossed. Then it would be put in oven on high heat. What would come out could hardly be called a pizza. Suppose you manage to call it somehow. Will it be edible?


In both scenarios, the pizza was made. What is the difference then?


First step did it right. It was time taking. It required patience. Yet it got what was needed.


The second step basically tried shortcuts. In the end, pizza was made regardless. Yet which one was edible?


That is the approach with goal setting. Take it slow. Setting unrealistically high goals won’t do any good. Build permanent and slow foundation like pizza crust.



Goal 2



3. Where do you see yourself in next ten years?

Now this is something called vision. What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in ten years?


When it comes to bigger picture, this is perfect opportunity to see it. You have to visualize yourself after ten years. Ask yourself this. Are your actions aligned with your choice of future? Because if they are, then it means you are on track. If however, you feel that is something completely different than how you plan it to be, it is time to change.

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