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When it comes to modern tech, our psychology has changed. If I am to give opinion, I’d say that our worry levels are same. In fact, our worrying has increased. We just don’t worry about things that once bugged us enormously.

Where this modern tech has shifted our psychology levels, we have been introduced to many other problems too. We are after all humans. Our worries have not changed. We still have anger, frustration, boredom and many other things. They just changed their sources of origin. They are still there.

One of main disadvantages is that we have become prone to sedentary life style. Sitting at one place for a very long time is not good. Yet it can be easily done nowadays. Distractions have also doubled.


Despite the common myths, the sports are not for entertainment only. They serve that purpose too. However, they also serve the purpose of shaping an individual. They not only serve to make us healthy physically, they also boost our psychological health. In these times, we need psychological health most.


I don’t blame technology. I blame the stagnant attitude in us which has been powered by advent of modern TVs and laptops. It is when you maintain a dynamic state of mind when you engage yourself in physical activity. Finding time daily for some sports is basically brilliant investment for the future. They serve to shape us physically. Other than this, shifting our worries towards another goal or activity is very necessary. We can use such treatment in times of intense worrying.


Enough with why sports are necessary! I am going to list down few of psychological benefits of sports. You will then realize why I am so much emphasizing them so much.


Since children are all to become active adults at some stage in their lives, it is crucial that you cultivate sportsman spirit in them from early stages. This is done by not forcing the child to do something. Rather a subtle approach is needed. Sports offer lessons in many things which help prepare the kids for their life.





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1. Making Friends:

Some of the best friendships I have seen budding are due to sports. Many kids or adults who play together have great sense of friendship. Many people in my life found their life buddies from their sports teams.


When we play sports with others, we are open to many new experiences. These experiences open our mind and heart. Meeting and getting to know people is one way of knowing yourself. You will know which type of people empower you. You will identify people who can hurdle you. These lessons are very important for later life.


2. Letting Go:

Sports teach you to let go. How?


They offer one most obvious and yet important lesson. Losing is inevitable. When we lose something in life, our attachment to it impedes our growth.


In sports, a healthier attitude is developed. As we see ourselves losing a match or our team is left behind, we learn that losing is ok sometimes. We don’t always win and that is great opportunity for learning. If we fail to learn, we are again on losing track. If we learn and grow better by practicing several habits or workouts, we can become better in sports or life.


All in all, losing in sports also doesn’t let us keep from continuing other activities of life. Same goes for the life. Sometimes, the best thing is to keep digging. Our gold mines will appear to us at eventually.  




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3. Rules and Authority:

We learn that despite being good at something, we have to follow a structure. This cultivates good citizenship and good rule following.


No matter how much strong we are, every sport even wrestling is not devoid of rules and regulations. This is because no proper thing can be built without following a structure.


We learn to practice our skills by remaining within a structure. You can take an example of running water. If you provide it with canal, it can be used for various purposes. If it is used to run wildly, there is nothing that can be benefited from it.


Similarly, to cultivate something useful, you must follow a certain structure. To live a good life, your lifestyle needs some good principles. Sports do an amazing job of teaching us this.


4. Mutual Respect:

There is no other thing which teaches mutual respect other than sports.


When your team loses the match, you don’t go crazy. You don’t become some uncontrollable maniac who is hell bent on revenge. You become more humble. Other than this, no matter the conditions, the losing team and winning team always shake hands.


This habit of respecting your opponent creates one social principle which is most needed at these times. We learn to respect each other despite our differences.


Our unrefined nature compels us to disrespect someone if they are different or hold different beliefs. Sports if followed properly can open our mind to these aspects. We learn that just because someone achieved something that we didn’t, doesn’t mean we should dislike that someone. Just because someone is a bit different, we should not treat them with scorn. It also teaches us respect those lacking what we have. From winning team’s point of view, mutual respect is needed for everyone.


5. Teaming Spirit:

We always rely on other people. Whether it is family at later stages of life or it is social setting, social dependence is impossible to be avoided.


What matters is how we learn to team up with others. If we have been teamed up with those who despise us, we have opportunity to find out what to do which is best. I personally feel that this social aspect is one of best learning aspects of sports.


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