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Tips for Self Care

When it comes to catching flu in cold weather, we all know it is fairly common. However, what we don’t know is that it is not the cold weather responsible for this flu. It is rather the immunity system. Our immunity system is natural to go down during winter; we may be more prone to catch the cold. Note that it isn’t the winter season, rather our immune system responding to winter season. There is a reason for it. In summers, we roam a lot outside. In winters, who would want to go out of cozy bed? As we keep sticking ourselves to one place, we are more exposed to bacteria and germs that linger inside.



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Suppose you really have caught flu. Can you know how did you catch it? Be honest with yourself. Did you really take good care of yourself first? If you did then this wouldn’t have happened. Even if you did take good care, chances are either someone in home or visiting relative brought the contagious gift of virus. You cannot avoid getting caught then.


So if you have got cold, with severe headache and watering eyes, know that you aren’t alone. There are many others like you. You may want this to be cured as soon as possible. This is because either there may be coming holidays which you don’t want to spend on bed. Or perhaps you have to go somewhere important. In both cases, you may crave naturally for instant healing from your flu. While there is no such thing as instant remedy, you can breathe easy since there are ways nonetheless to make it easy for yourself. You will allow yourself to actually enjoy your time with flu.


1. Time for the Break!

Who has time for rest?! To think of rest even if we have flu sounds so stupid! And it should. Who will do those chores? Who will take care of unattended responsibilities?! Who will do so many things that we are supposed to do?

Well I got to tell you that flu demands rest to be healed properly. Besides, when you give yourself time to rest, you will feel better and more comfortable. Trust me in this. When flu strikes and you are having headache or fatigue, it is your body telling you that you need rest. We all know that flu and seasonal influenza are actually resistance against bigger disease. So when you rest, your flu will take a break too.

Not only are you doing yourself a favor, you are also doing others a big favor. This is because when you won’t roam around much, you will less likely to cause infection to others too. While this may not sound serious, it actually is. I can assure you that. It takes only one door knob or one infected glass of water before whole house gets sick.


2. Stay Hydrated:

Another useful tip that will ease your time while being in flu is that you need to keep yourself hydrated. When flu occurs, you will lose a lot of water from your body. As you keep yourself hydrated, there are two advantages for that. First is that you make up for the water you lost in flu. Secondly, as more the fresh water passes from your body, your body will dispose off the old virus filled water.

While you may not want to stick for medicines and you probably shouldn’t, certain brews can actually help you feel a lot better. One common example is lemon grass tea. In fact, a hot steaming cup of tea with a pinch of salt can do wonders. It can be very soothing for your throat. You can also make a turmeric tea. Not only turmeric tea will soothe you, it will also act as anti-inflammatory. The idea is to feel cozy and comfortable.

Avoid all such drinks which may end up dehydrating your system. Especially avoid the soft drinks. You want to feel cozy and comfortable. Softdrinks wont help with that.



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3. Hot Liquids can do Wonders:

Speaking of hot liquids, you may want to stick around with soups more and more. Especially if you have sore throat, soups can be a big blessing.

Very much like the hot tea or hot drinks, the soup can actually help ease blocked areas. The areas within vicinity of your nose may be blocked mainly due to mucus. Therefore, drinking soup will help ease the flow of energy around those blocked areas. You will feel better as your sense of smell and breath gets better.

Other than this, you may want to try garlic added soups or simply garlic added tea. Garlic helps kill bacteria.


4. Try all Methods:

There are tons of methods when it comes to extracting the extra mucus out. Simply take a cup of water and boil it. As it boils, add a few pinches of salt in it. Allow the water to cool. Let it be cool enough so that you can easily gargle. The act of gargling with warm salt water will do wonders to your throat. It will clear out the extra mucus. If your throat is aching due to sore throat, it will ease that even.

Try making some ginger tea. Add some honey and peppermint in it. When you do so, take small sips of this wonderful tea you just made. The garlic with honey is very ancient recipe. It allows soothing of your chest especially in case of chest infection. Other than this, it also helps with opening the areas congested due to extra mucus.

Before sleeping at night, you may want to take a few chlorine crystals and add them to boiling water. Take in the steam that comes out. It helps open up the blocked areas within your nose. Other than this, when you take in such steam, you will also be soothing your chest. Be careful though. Chlorine shouldn’t touch your eyes or skin directly.

Before sleeping, cover your ears with cotton. This stops the flow of air which would other wise pass through your ear and cause blockage of nose.



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