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Dec 1, 2015

Keyword position checker

In the framework of search engine optimization, keyword is a word or phrase that describes or summarizes the contents of any web page. Keyword makes it possible for visitors to find your website or content easily and helps ranking your web page at better position on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). To achieve good ranking position depends on targeting most relevant keywords for any content and keeping track of keyword position of targeted keywordson any search engine result.

What is keyword position checker?

There are many factors involved in ranking a particular website or any blog, one of main factor is selecting most relevant keywords using keyword suggestion tool and using those keywords wisely in a unique content, then other SEO techniques are applied to make a page ranked against targeted keywords. But how the search engine optimizer would know that his hard work pays off? And either the content or page got ranked against the targeted keywords or not? So the best way is to use the keyword position checker to check the keyword position on search engine result page (SERP). Keyword position checker is a tool that helps in quickly monitoring the position of any website or blog in search engine against a particular keyword. A serp rank checker identifies ranked pages across the search engines like Yahoo or Google with the particular keyword and helps tracking desired output. Visit; find the best keyword position checker tool and many other tools online free.

How it Works?

Search engine position checker tool asks website URL and a keyword, and scans through the results of search engines for the keyword and show the position of specific keyword across search engine. provides the keyword position checker tool, as shown in the picture below, it requires list of the keywords that need to be tracked, domain name and the position checking range.

It scans through the result of the search engine result page and provide the position of the tracking keyword across the Google and Yahoo search engines.


  • Some of the serp rank checker supports and checks multiple keywords at the same time, are called as multiple keyword position checker. Another important feature of position checker is supportability of number of search engines and countries.
  • Another feature of some position checker tools is providing a detailed report of your competitors. The feature provides the ranking of your site as well the ranking of your competitor’s side against the same keyword.

Why to Use?

  • Keyword position checker gives necessary information about which keywords needs more hard work and which keywords are playing important role in sending more visitors to your blog or website.
  • To make SEO effective and in order to set your desired target in terms of keywords, it is important to keep track of your rankings and popularity, serp rank checker helps keeping you update, saves your time and generates accurate result within short time, so you can adjust your techniques by following the track and workflow can be optimized accordingly so you not waste time on techniques that do not bring in the preferred results.
  • Search engine position checker tool keeps updated about competitors and the past performance of your website in form of graphs and maps.
  • Keyword position checker tools are extremely easy to use and do not require any technical skills and knowledge of SEO.
  • Many free versions of position checker tools are available online that can help tracking keyword position but for the detailed tracking paid versions are also available.



SEO is a complex industry and requires hard work to optimize or rank any website. Keyword position checker helps optimizing and ranking the websites/blogs in an efficient way. These position checker tools helps finding your competition and keeps track to know how your efforts are showing off in the search engine result page and which keywords are attracting more traffic towards the website.

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