Tactical Flash lights – Can they be the Future?

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Flashlights from Battle

Whenever a new product appears in market, three things are checked by the customers. First is its simplicity. Depending on its usage, the product can either frustrate or excite a user. The other thing that affects the users’ behavior is the price of product. Satisfy both and you have a product going viral.

Similar is the case of a device called the tactical flash light. Just like the Swiss army knife, the flashlight is battle tested and battle ready product. It has been made available for commercial usage.



Flash Light


Danger or Facility?

The current model is T1100. It has stormed the market of USA and other countries. There have been controversial theories on usage of these flash lights. The reasons are many.

Critics mostly say that these products have potential of causing serious harm to civilians. However, the product is supported by majority. That majority mainly include the people who go outdoors more and more often. People, who jog regularly or love going outdoors, often recommend this product to their peers. Why is that so? What potential harm can a flash light cause that allowed the critics to raise such objections? And why majorly the outdoor people recommend buying it for safety purposes? What safety could a flash light offer?


Blinding Brightness

The reason why critics are against this product is because of its brightness. Before we move on to this topic, you should know that your eye pupils respond to the brightness. Even something as faint as flash from cellphone’s camera, can affect your pupils. Normally, the pupils take a minute to even recover from effects of cellphone camera light. Imagine if by accident, you were exposed to intensified light which is about 30 times more powerful than normal flash light. A potential risk of blindness may follow.

This is the reason why critics say it should be banned. However, the jogging people along with others who love outdoors seriously recommend buying it. This is because the flash light can be used for self defense. Imagine if an attacker comes to you at night, you can literally blind the one. What if you are camping outdoors? Imagine if an animal attacks your camping site. You can temporarily blind the animal while making enough time to escape.

This is one of the reasons why most people buy the flash light for more than normal blackouts. Although the flash light can be easily used for the black outs, it can also be used for self protection as well as protection of the loved ones.

The people usually carry it around in their pockets thanks to its size. Women are actively keeping it in their purses. This is to fend off the attackers.

While the technology is wonderful, critics have their own concern. They are worried that this technology can be misused to harm the innocent civilians instead. What if the attackers or robbers carry it around? The critics are right in their own perspective.




Flash Light 1



How is the Price so Low?

How is it even possible to sell such powerfully designed product at such low price? There are always more factors at play when such thing happens. It is quite clear that scientists were quite busy with their researches. They allowed the product to be developed due to years of research and practice. After the product was designed, the scientists focused on developing the designs which would allow for lowering the price tags. This gave rise to products which were high in quality and incredibly low in price.

High quality along with low price is a near impossible feat to be achieved in products. This was achieved nonetheless. The product is not susceptible to any tax rates or regulations. This can be potentially bad since it can fall into wrong hands.

The flash light is available in markets of developed countries. However, despite it being available, there is no idea how long will its sale last. People are buying these flashlights in multiple numbers to give their families and friends these gifts. The master craftsmanship allows the users to purchase it often more than desired. Especially its high quality, resistance and usage is making the users to purchase it in significant quantity.



Flasligh Review




Like mentioned, this flash light has potential for a lot of things. Several of them are given below.


1. Self Defense:

The flash light has intense brightness. The brightness level has been described to be around 30 times more powerful than a normal flashlight. This can result into this flash light being used as self defense weapon.

Due to the sensitivity of our pupils, the normal camera flash can disturb us. Therefore, its high intensity light can temporarily or even permanently blind the attacking thugs or animals. It is therefore ideal for self defense.


2. Nature Exploring:

Imagine if you were stuck somewhere in jungle with this flash light. You wouldn’t be stuck too long even if the night fell. This is because it can literally light up about 8 feet of area for you. It is ideal especially for people who like to camp in wilderness.


3. Resistant:

The resistant level of this flash light is US marine level. You can throw it from a building, drive over it or drown it, the flash light will remain undamaged and fully functional. Due to its high resistance and quality, it is becoming more and more user’s choice.

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