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Whether you are happy with your life or you are unsatisfied, things can stand to improve themselves. For example, do you think you have achieved your all of the goals?


Sometimes things take a bit of reflection to get back on track. First of all, I must tell you. If you are frustrated at life, you should know that problems occur everywhere. If you think by choosing your ideal career, problems won’t occur, think again. It is just that some problems are worth handling. We love to handle those problems. This is what makes a difference.


So what is actually getting back on track? When you have a purpose, you are working towards it. If you don’t have a purpose, you will find random factors handling your life. You don’t want that. You don’t want the lack of purpose. What you want instead is your life having some meaning. You need to be getting back on track.


So what gives life meaning? And more importantly, what is getting back on the track?


Purpose is what gives life a meaning. If you were working towards a purpose, and then you got side tracked, this article is for you. Even if your life didn’t have any purpose, this will still benefit you. The tips I am about to share will help you evaluate or reevaluate your life. Stick with me for some time.


1. How will my life shift?

Ask yourself this question more often. Don’t answer unrealistically. Don’t expect million dollars or magic wands to be the answer. Instead, make plans. Involve brain storming.


Here is something for you. When was it last time you felt uncomfortable? What did the experience teach you? These questions are most important in helping you getting back on track.


Believe it or not, it is often the uncomfortable experiences which are teachers. They aren’t necessarily bad. They prepare us for better moments.


Back to track. So have some moments of self realization in knowing what makes you uncomfortable. Then plan your life change.


Break down the big goal into doable activities. Now the next step is onto you. Dedicate yourself to doing those activities while thinking of big picture.


2. Am I successful?

The definition of success varies from person to person. The definition of success is simply achieving that you planned.


For some, it can be financial success. For others, it can be living the life you want. There can be many versions of success.


What is your version of success? What do you think should be successful?


Are you successful? Don’t get nervous if you are not. Just know that life is still ahead. You can still be successful in things of your choice.




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3. Don’t get Side tracked

Success won’t come around your door unless you commit yourself to it.


Often we lose track of our current success by getting side tracked. I will refer with a personal example. A person I know wanted to do a support job. Her real aim was something else. She wanted to go in a field. However, to support her finances for classes in that field, she had to do a job.


Over the time, after a few years, I found she had left her job. When I asked her about it, she simply replied that she was not focusing on what she wanted. The desire to make money was preventing her going in direction she wanted to go into. Similar is case with us most often. She was in no time making money by doing what she loved to do. She helped herself getting back on track.


When we shift our focus on activities other than goals, we become side tracked. Without money, there is not much of world. However, money is not the world itself. Don’t forget to differentiate between means to an end. They are not the end itself.


4. Am I doing enough?

So you have planned to give that aptitude test. Or perhaps you want something else like make a deal with another company.


Spending significantly less amount of time on that will never yield results. You may want to find time daily for that. Spending an hour once a week in preparing for your goal will yield similar result.


Get used to getting out of your comfort zone more often. Be prepared to sacrifice some hobbies. You aren’t actually sacrificing. You are most likely investing in a better future.


5. Contentment:

The state of contentment is one of biggest reasons why some people either leave the goals or get disappointed sooner.


There are two versions for this. First one says that you are happy with what you have. That is great. However, everything keeps growing. So do you. What makes you happy today may not be sufficient tomorrow. Therefore, make sure you don’t settle for the current situation of life. You make changes for better.


The second version of contentment is that people don’t get results quickly. They get disappointed and hence start lacking the contentment. Giving up on idea that started them in first place, they find contentment in simply stopping.


Both cases can be cured by gratitude. When you start practicing gratitude, you start seeing life with new eyes. Nothing remains same anymore. You find contentment and sense of growth at the same time.


Practice gratitude more often. Be thankful for who and what you are currently.

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