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You must remember the old times when you were about 12 or in your teens. Those times were one of beautiful times when you came from school. As you came home, you again went outside to play till sun down. This routine had huge health benefits. Other than this, you also learned many social skills to counter social anxiety. The exposure to world no matter how small had already started from this point.


Now, as we talk about kids, we also talk about television programs and video games. Kids nowadays have found more reason to stay at home and spend time sitting still. Funny thing is that our modern technology era has made it perfectly clear that we can be content while sitting still. This increase of sedentary life style is what leads to obesity and later in life, the heart diseases. We want our children to be free from sickness for their future.


We cannot deny the modern influence of technology. This is not really a bad thing. I know what might be first reaction of a few parents. They will scorn at the modern technology, trying to stop their kids from watching cartoons or play video games. The end result is nothing like they expect. The child may become overly attached to video games.


What matters is how we raise our children. What habits we cultivate in them will determine their future. In this modern era, I have still seen children playing outside. When you actively take part in your child’s life, you are taking part in their growth. Leaving them on their own while you get busy in daily routine work is not going to produce good results for long term.


Starting step would be to encourage the kids to make friends and play. Engage with them in outdoor activities to incite that confidence spark from home. They will have little trouble socializing outside then.


Given below are some of best outdoor sports for your children. They allow active engagement. Like I mentioned before, it is how you develop the experience of your child with the sport that matters. If you leave your child to deal on his/her own like you were left, there is plenty of distractions which modern era offers.




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1. Baseball

Now this is one of the games in which I have seen young children. Starting from the age of 5 to nearly all ages ahead, this game is and will be popular. For nearly 100 years, ever since this game was introduced, the young boys and girls have dreamed of becoming champions in it.


The amazing thing about this game is that it offers amazing flexibility in its learning curve. Kids of all ages even as young as five can learn to play this game.


The baseball is a bit difficult to be played if you live in a country where it has no special team or trend. For example, in Pakistan, the sport is nearly non-existent. However, if you live in America, it is known that majority of kids between age of 8 and 15 are in baseball leagues. Baseball is a full-fledged game there. Therefore, you will also want to be mindful of your region and background.


If you wish to provide a unique experience to your kids, baseball is the sports you will want to try.


It has huge health benefits. It offers physical strength, hand eye coordination and great sense of balance within individual. On a social level, it teaches following rules properly, staying within limits, teamwork and leadership. Although it is a pity that it is not really




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2. Football

Football is one of the best games. If your child is not really an active person, he/she will have hard time starting this game.


On the other hand, if your child manages to actually participate and continue playing football, you can forget the worry about sitting still.


The football is one of most active games. Everyone gets their share of running. Unlike baseball or cricket in which there are positions of constant standing, football requires every player to be ever ready and moving. Other than this, the sport also allows contributing with team members to help achieve a goal.


The game has huge benefits whether you are considering individually or socially.


Individually, the person develops agility and healthy body. The body’s metabolism along with breathing and heart rate is strengthened.


Socially, the players learn to work with others towards a common goal. Other than this, they also learn to communicate better with everyone.




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3. Cricket

If you live in Pakistan, you will find this sport prevalent in nearly every nook and corner of country. Cricket is one of those sports which are played by majority of people all around the world.


The cricket matches also attach fervor and sport fever. Your child will have plenty of reasons to stick to this sport. It also offers huge benefits individually and socially.


In social settings, you will gain good communication skills. Working in groups to help achieve the goals is one of the other lessons this game teaches.


There is one more thing that is proving beneficial in cricket. I have seen strange plus points when people are discussing cricket in Pakistan. People usually forget about their problems and dilemmas. They connect with each other on basis of their favorite sport. This has especially been proven time to time in Pakistan where majority is interested in this sport.


Other than this, the cricket also offers mental and physical benefits. Kids will learn hand and eye coordination. They will also learn proper timing skills. Other than this, health benefits like fit body and good circulation of blood are quite apparent.



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