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24 Dec 2017 115

The Video Converter You didn't know you Needed 

Total video converter is a program of your choice. Its initial task is to simply convert and rip videos into supportable formats which are supported by all major platforms. Along with this, it also converts them into formats supported by various devices such as phones, computers or even tablets.


Total Video Converter


The total video converter is a complete solution for all of video conversion needs. It can easily convert, read as well as play various kinds of videos and audio formats. Among its huge list of supported formats, nearly all are ones which 95% of users use all the time. The powerful media conversion engine is one of the reasons why total video converter is something you will love to use again and again. Given below are some of the features which will make you want to avail the option of total video converter download.

1. Multi-language Support

2. Free tool integration for Screen Capturing

3. Watermark support through plugin

4. Huge File size supported (nearly 4 GB)

5. New methods for audio and video syncing

6. Enhancements of formatting imports

7. Photos Slide Show Option

8. A large range of subtitle files is available to be downloaded

9. Mobile Video Formats are supported

10. Unique formats like digital camera formats are included


Believe it or not, the above information shows very surface of the real thing. Download it and find out more about it in detail.

Total Video Converter download video converter download total video converter

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