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02 Feb 2018 45

The man constantly looks at his clock. It is the night of full moon. The main character is a middle-aged man, sitting alone in his chair by the fireplace. This is the time of the 1870s. The nights are quiet in this part of town. When the clock strikes 7 pm, he gets up. The outside world is completely silent. People are going to bed to wake up early. The man is nervous. As he exits through the wooden door, he heads towards the forest beside his house. There is something about him which bugs the hell out of the old lady who watches him going into the woods. She finds him very odd. Only a madman would go at such time into the woods to the side of town which is full of dangerous animals. She keeps sitting by the window.


The man who has recently gone into the woods now chooses his corner. The big tree is perfect. He chains himself beside the spot. The forest is dark. However, it is not the darkness or wild animals which scare him. As the moon shines brightly onto the sky, his fear grows stronger. Suddenly, he feels as if his insides are shifting. The pain is incredible. There is strange hunger rising in him. He tries to control it. He cannot control it for long. Harder he tries, harder the inner shift strikes back. He gives up. His entire form starts changing. His skin starts growing hair. His mouth starts growing a nozzle. His teeth start growing. His hands and feet turn into claws. The whole process stops when he finally transforms into a werewolf. A big huge wolf that stands on its two legs and is able to move on them… He finally starts howling onto the full moon. Beside him, on the stone to which he chained himself, a paper is there. On the paper, a note is written. The note says,


“I cannot control it! I have tried. Ever since I hunted that large wolf and made a name for myself, I keep seeing him in my dreams daily. Now, I know why that wolf was called the cursed wolf. God forbid and have mercy on any poor soul who roams too far from town and comes here. I cannot control it! I cannot most certainly let anyone see me like this. Let alone see others like meals!”


The old lady keeps sitting by the window. As the howling starts, she smiles wickedly.

“This is your punishment for killing my husband!”

werewolf story

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