What is PHP? How to Execute a program in PHP

Oct 20, 2015

An introduction to PHP:

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language that is a server side scripting language. Its an open source language. That is used for the web development embedded in HTML.

PHP is a language that gets installed on top of your web server software. It usually works with versions of Apache, Microsoft IIS and added server software packages.

You use PHP by inserting PHP cipher central the HTML that makes up your website. When a applicant (anybody on the web) visits a web page that contain the code, the server executes it. That’s why you charge to install your own server in adjustment to analysis PHP locally — the server is the academician here, not your browser. Users don’t charge any appropriate plug-ins or annihilation to see your PHP in activity — it gets to the end user as approved ancient HTML.

PHP is a scripting language, like HTML. That agency that cipher does not charge to be aggregate afore it gets acclimated — it gets candy on the fly as necessary.

Before we dig in, you should apperceive about a website alleged PHP.net. PHP is an open-source language, and PHP.net is its ascendancy center, with all-encompassing advertence actual about the accent and tips beatific in by users beyond the globe. PHP.net has exceptional, abysmal advice about the language, but it can be a little cryptic for the newcomer. We’ll attending added carefully at how to use PHP.net at the end of this tutorial.

So, what kinds of things can PHP do?

take advice from web-based forms and use it in a actor means (store it in a database, actualize codicillary pages depending on what the forms said, set accolade for later, forward e-mail, address your mom on her birthday);

  • authenticate and clue users;
  • run threaded discussions on your site;
  • serve altered pages to humans application altered browsers or devices;
  • publish an absolute website application just a individual blueprint arrangement (server-side includes-style);
  • serve XML pages.


What you need for PHP?

You should have software that are given below:

  • Access to a web server (like Apache)
  • PHP and MySQL should be installed on the web server.

The easiest way is to acquisition a bargain web hosting plan that abutment PHP and MySQL (most of the web-hosting providers do.) For a brace of bucks a ages you can get a basic host. The advantage is that aggregate is already installed and that you can allotment your affairs (that you are traveling to write) with the blow of the world.

If you don’t wish to absorb money, you can aswell install aggregate on your bounded machine. The easiest way is to install WAMP if you accept a Windows apparatus and LAMP if you accept a Linux machine. (WAMP = Windows Apache MySQL PHP and LAMP = Linux Apache MySQL PHP.) These bales install aggregate you need. Read the install chiral of these bales for instructions. After accession you should accept admission to http://localhost in your browser.


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
        <title>My PHP Example</title>

            echo "Hi, my first PHP program";



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