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1 - What happened to these 2019 techs?

2019 came as a promising year for many things. We all awaited our movie sequels. We all had to be patient for many releasing games for different platforms. One other thing that this year brought was a wacky and useful tech. There were many devices that just came and went within a short span of time. Fidget spinners were one of these inventions. Some inventions came and stayed with us for a long time. One of the most visible examples is the appearance of social media emoticons. The other such invention which is currently staying for a long term use is the smart home automated devices.

Before we move on to 2020, let’s just focus on how the year 2019 was for tech gadgets.

1.1 - The Sad Fate of Fidget Spinners:

So why were the fidget spinners invented in the first place? Apparently, they let you engage in spinning some toy wheel attached to the solid rotating point, hence the name fidget spinners. This was supposed to help you with one thing. Can you guess it? It was to make up for the fidgeting habit of people. Who would have guessed it right?

The funny thing is they didn’t reduce the fidgeting as expected. However, their sales did get reduced dramatically. The fidget spinners showed little to no sales in the first week of their sales. They then started getting sold like hotcakes following a few weeks.

The sad part was that it ended that way. The fidget spinners soon went out of business. Apparently, people didn’t find them as cool and addictive as developers thought them to be. Call it luck running dry considering one of wackiest gadgets going viral, or blame the devices for being uninteresting, the sad fact is that fidget spinners won't be making many sales in the future. They came and rose for a short time. Their success was short-lived.

Fidget Spinner Red Cropped

1.2 - Internet…Was free!

So in 2019, it was openly announced that the internet is owned by no one. It is the common people who provide the resources for the internet to keep working. However, the recent year’s development doesn’t bode well for internet neutrality. The developers have apparently started taking new decisions. One of these decisions was that the internet is not going to be provided equally to everyone anymore. What can be said about net neutrality now? All we can hope is that our areas fit into that category of selective areas that fill the criteria. Imagination then runs wild after this one.


1.3 - A Development in Augmented Reality:

When augmented reality came at first, it had its flaws like every new technology. The augmented reality tried capturing real-life moments. This tech was however unsuccessful in achieving perfect results.

Times have taken a few major shifts. The technology also didn’t remain the same. It evolved with time. The augmented reality also took a major shift in its development. With the introduction of mixed reality now, the augmented reality became even better. It perfectly captures the essence of real life. Graphics and camera motions have come a long way from the start. This can plant a new seed for future tech.

Augmented Reality

1.4 - The Messenger AIM took its last breath this year:

What was the AIM? It was a messenger app. It provided so many good perks. Everyone from workplaces to schools and college dorms was using this remarkable app. What was the reason this app was shut down? I won’t get into such details since the theories are going wild. However, one thing is certain. The app was a unique experience. As social media rose, the developers tried fitting all the modern media requirements into it. When it couldn’t be done, the AIM was shut down officially. Been someone who had been using it for more than ten years, I really loved logging into it and seeing all other friends there. The app’s shutdown upset us all.


1.5 - The Bitcoin Shifts:

When it comes to the modern world of business, the bitcoin takes the lead. Being a digital currency, bitcoin’s value generally increases. In the year 2017, the bitcoin showed strange trends. In the starting, the value of bitcoin increased. It kept increasing until at some point the bitcoin became cheap again.

Currently, the cheap phase of bitcoin is over. The value of bitcoin has increased to the point of becoming expensive. Who knows what the future brings? One thing is certain. The next year may even show more fluctuations than before.

Bitcoin Chip 1

1.6 - Company Tesla was Busy:

It has been a while since Elon Musk launched his last innovation into this world. However, the company Tesla made up for it by launching three groundbreaking innovations in 2017. These three inventions were three electric model cars. Both groundbreaking and expensive, they are sure to become part of approaching the future. One of them also earned the title of “fastest car”. Let's see how long does Elon Musk remain inactive about this.

Tesla Cars

1.7 - Homes got More Automated:

The homes also received a lot of innovation. 2019 was of those years in which the home automation devices were sold the most. According to Amazon, tens of millions were sold. Nearly all the homes echoed with the sounds of new technologies. Other than small home automation devices, a lot of other smart devices for cars and other lifestyle inventions also found increasing rates of sales. The only exception was for the company Apple. It missed many spots in 2019 which was certainly a productive year for other developers.

Home Automation System

2 - Conclusion:

2019 was surely a year of tech innovation. With the exception of fidget spinners, nearly all new innovations found their center. The ones which were already present in the market followed epic levels of evolution.

2020 is going to be a year for even better innovations. However, no one knows what else this new year brings!

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