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With Ac3 filter you get two features in one. One is of the audio decoder and another one is of processor filter. The reason why you will want to go after Ac3 Audio filter download is that you can play playback movies with ac3 and DTS tracks. Its many processing options allow you to adjust the sound in any way you deem fit. For mixing any audio source, you can utilize six channels. One the of remarkable features of an Ac3 filter is that it can encode any audio source to ac3 on the fly to SPDIF on the receiver.

1 - Ac3filter Audio Features:

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Given below are some of Ac3 Audio Filter features:

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1.1 - Playing Options:

Using this audio utility, you can easily play your movies in both ac3 and DTS soundtracks. Apart from this, within playing options, you can listen to multichannel audio CDs. You also get to play WAV files with DTS/AC3 content.

1.2 - Processing:

The ac3 filter decoder features also following benefits in its processing feature:

  1. Up-Mix and down-mix any audio track to the range of six channels
  2. You can watch movies under poor hearing conditions
  3. Decrease dynamic range to be able to watch movies at night
  4. You can apply a time shift to the audio track to synchronize audio with video. This is great especially if you have audio problems with either lagging or gaining video streaming.
  5. You can also correct audio if it goes too loud or too low at some points in video or movie

1.3 - SPDIF:

You get the following features by SPDIF:

  1. You can easily pass your audio in DTS or AC3 format through SPDIF without the need to change to the external decoder.
  2. USB sound cards are supported.
  3. You have the option of encoding any audio to AC3 and sending it over the SPDIF channel.

Without a doubt, the ac3 filter is one of the best audio utilities. If the above features don’t make you want to go after free Ac3 Audio Filter download, nothing else will!

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