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First developed by the Russian web developers, the AIMP Music Player is a freeware audio utility that has been released for the platforms of android and windows. Till its developments, many versions have been released. Ever since, this audio utility has been undergoing massive evolution since, constantly evolving according to requirements of the daily digital users. The current version is version 3 which evolved with the addition of a new audio engine and revamping of the music library.

1 - AIMP Player Features:

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Given below are some of the features which will make you want to search for AIMP Player Download:

1.1 - Common Support Features:

The common support features include the support for monitors of various ranges. These include 4k monitors as well as the monitors with different DPI.

1.2 - Audio Conversion:

In the audio conversion, your app will be closed automatically after conversion. You can also choose for stats to appear after conversion. This is optional.

1.3 - Music Library:

You can now customize a field list for groupings. This field list can be used for group details too. Within the music library, you also get quick access to the reset column filter option by context menu. You can choose to reset stats for selected files too if you want to. Other than this, you have a new audio engine whose performance is at least ten times better than previous versions. Several other columns such as lyricist, mood, conductor, and comment have been installed in the latest versions of AIMP.

1.4 - Player Features:

AIMP has also evolved with respect to features of the player. It now includes decoders for web audio formats. Other than this, there is support present for the MKA, AA3, AT3 and youtube file formats. AIMP also brings support for the lyrics.SRC and.LRC file formats.

1.5 - Tag Editor Features:

It isn’t a genuine audio utility if it didn’t add and evolve the features of the tag editor. You now have the option of downloading the lyrics from your internet. Other than this option, there is also an addition of several tags like lyricist, mood, conductor, ISRC, rating, and encoding.

Other than the above-mentioned features, the features of the skin engine have been significantly enhanced too. Go for AIMP Player download today and find out more.

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