Download Audacity Audio Player for 2020

Audacity is the software you will want to download. It is a multiplatform freeware which is an efficient tool for recording and editing for multiple tracks. It is quite simple to be used, focusing on the task right away. Designed to run on various operating systems, Audacity is open-source software.

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Ever since the time of its development, the developers' team behind this software have been doing their best to keep on evolving this freeware software for its users. They have been redesigning it again and again to best suit its users. Given below are some of its features that will make you want to Download Audacity Audio Filter.

  1. You have the option to record live audio in this freeware software. The recording is flawless and of good quality.
  2. You can also record computer playback. The recording can take place on Windows Vista or any other platform which you feel fit to use.
  3. One of the remarkable features of this software is its ability to transform tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  4. You can edit various formatted sound files in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or other supported formats.
  5. Another remarkable feature is that this freeware makes you feel like a DJ. It allows you to copy, cut, splice or mix any sounds together.
  6. Like a DJ, you can handle customization of sounds. You can increase the tone, pitch or even speed of your music.

Audacity is the choice of new age people who prefer simple yet efficient audio utilities. Find out more by going for audacity download on this website.

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