Baloch Militants are no Longer any threat to CPEC Projects

Cpec Balochistan Secure

Among the somewhat perturbed state of affairs of Pakistan, this is comparatively refreshing news for Pakistan. The Baloch militant organizations have always stirred some trouble in the country. Their activities openly harmed Pakistan’s political structure many times.

In a most recent report from the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Yao Jhing stated that the Balochi militants are no longer a threat to the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). He also further added that there were fake Pakistanis in banned outfits. This was clearly an attempt to taint the friendly relations between the two countries.

He showed his confidence in the Gwadar port. He stated that the Gawador port would soon become one of the world’s trading hubs. He also praised the security situation in Pakistan related to the Gwadar port. Thanks to this security situation, the Gawador port is bound to become a pinnacle of Pakistan’s main trade position.

The ambassador also spoke about the Balochi Militants, calling them not the true Pakistanis. He stated that if they want what is best for the country, they should work for the state not against it. While stating such about them, he kept the potential threat the militants could become to Pakistan out of the discussion.

There are currently 10,000 Chinese and 60,000 locals working on the CPEC. The security provided to them is of top-notch as reported by the ambassador.

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