Banana: Source of Good Health | Benefits and Disadvantages of Banana

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1 - Introduction of Banana:

Banana is one of the common widely used fruit in the world. Some Researchers say that banana is the world’s first fruit. A large herbaceous plant produces banana. This fruit is found in different colors and different sizes but it is usually curved inside, very rich in starch and covered by a soft peel. Colors of banana may be green, yellow, red, purple and brown. This fruit grows in the form of huge clusters. Musa balbisiana is the scientific name of cultivated banana.

Banana Juice

Banana is one of the main fruit crops in Pakistan. It grows on 34,800 hectares with a production of 154,800 tons. Banana is normally producing in Sindh province because the soil and climate are suitable for a banana in Sindh. The total share of Sindh in the growth of banana is 87% that is very huge.

1.1 - Nutritional Value of Banana

Mainly a Medium Banana contains;

  • Potassium- 422mg
  • Sodium- 1mg
  • Fiber- 3 grams
  • Phosphorus- 26mg

1.2 - History of Banana:

Bananas were typically originated in Malaysia, Indonesia, North Australia, and the Philippines. The first Europeans that found bananas were the armies of Alexander the Great in 327 BC during their take-over of India.


2 - Benefits of Banana:

Banana is very good for health it is used to cure many diseases. Banana controls the blood pressure and brings it normally. It is also good for asthma patients; banana also controls diabetes and heart problems.

Banana Health Benefits

Following are some benefits of banana;

2.1 - Banana Controls Diabetes:

Banana is very beneficial for diabetes patients because it provides the fiber that improves blood sugar, insulin level, and lipids. Fiber is very beneficial for diabetes patients, the doctor recommends a daily intake of banana for diabetes. One medium banana provides almost 3 grams of fiber.

2.2 - Banana is Good for Diarrhea:

Banana is very beneficial for diarrhea patients. Banana provides potassium that is very good in diarrhea disease. During diarrhea electrolytes like potassium is lost in a higher amount, bananas full fill the need for potassium so they are very good in diarrhea.

2.3 - Banana Cure Cancer:

Banana is very good to reduce major cancer cells. Banana contains a good source of vitamin C, that helps to fight with the free radicals that cause cancer. Due to a high amount of fiber, there is a very lower risk of colorectal cancer.

2.4 - Banana Cures Asthma:

Banana is very beneficial to cure dangerous diseases like Asthma. Researchers proved that people who intake one banana daily had 34 percent less chance of developing asthma.

2.5 - Banana is Good for Heart:

Heart disease is very dangerous; a banana is usually used to cure heart diseases. Banana contains potassium, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6 that are very beneficial for heart health. A study proved that people who intake 4069 mg of potassium daily had 49 percent lower chances of death from heart disease.

2.6 - Banana Reduces Constipation:

Banana is very suitable for constipation. Banana contains a higher amount of fiber that helps to smooth down the bowel movements. Banana pushes out a stubborn stool and reduces constipation very easily. Banana helps to smooth the digestive system and provide relief from constipation.

2.7 - Ulcers:

Banana is very good for disturb the stomach. Banana suppresses acid secretion. Banana smooths our stomach and builds up a protected barrier against acids. Banana also kills harmful bacteria from our stomach and provides us relief.

2.8 - Bananas are Good for Weight Gain:

Bananas are good to decrease weight but they also help in weight gain. Bananas are very helpful for rapid weight gain. If a person desires to gain some weight he/she should use banana with milk. Banana has protein and sugar that is very beneficial to gain weight. Bananas have high energy that’s why sports persons intake banana to gain a higher amount of energy.

2.9 - Banana is Effective for Kidney:

Banana is very good for the kidney. Banana reduces sewer pain in kidneys. Potassium can help to ease the strain on kidneys, bananas also help in the urination process. Also, there are Plyphenolic antioxidant properties in the banana that help kidneys to function appropriately.

2.10 - Banana is Good for Eyes:

Banana is very healthy for eyes. Banana contains antioxidants and carotenoids as well as minerals that are very beneficial for eyes. Regular use of banana can reduces night blindness, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Banana Ripe

3 - Disadvantages of Banana:

Banana is a superior source of energy and it can cure diseases as well but as we know that excess of everything is bad. There are some benefits and disadvantages of fruits, some disadvantages of banana are given below;

3.1 - Caloric Value:

Banana contains minerals and a large number of calories. A large banana contains more than 120 calories that can increase the weight rapidly. So it may be not suitable for fat persons because it promotes weight gain.

3.2 - Self Stability:

As compared to other fruits, Banana has low stability. The green bananas might stay for several days after you buy them, but they prolong the life of the banana is just for three to five days in the refrigerator. However, Apple can store up to weeks.

Banana Good For Health

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