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1 - Best Online Jobs That Actually Pay

When it comes to finding online jobs that actually pay we all have only one idea in our mind. That idea is of freelancing. The common concept is that the only way to make money while working from home is freelancing. This is not true.

There are plenty of jobs out there on the internet. All these jobs require is a dedication of your time. You will need to devote some of your precious hours as you do for every other important task.

It is worth mentioning that you require skills for doing all kinds of jobs. This is because every job has its own set of requirements attributed to it. You will need to be either willing to learn or at least have a learning attitude for proceeding forward. While some of these jobs do require a prerequisite skill, some do not. One thing is central. You will need to keep proceeding forward.

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What I am about to suggest below is a list of those jobs which don’t require any initial investment. They are meant for those people who have little to no experience in finding online jobs that actually pay. All of these require a genuine sign up that valid accounts or emails. While some people try to pull shenanigans here, it is not worth it. The repercussions when you are caught are very bad. Therefore, it is best to work with honesty and skill. Working smart is another thing and trying to trick the system is another.

1.1 - Online Paid Survey Jobs:

The survey jobs do exist in the list of online jobs that actually pay. You will need to go for some specific sites like InboxDollar, TellyPulse, and similar websites. All you have to do is to provide information based on your personal experience. This job requires no prior experience or similar thing. All it requires is the dedication of your time.

In my personal experience, I didn’t earn much money from survey jobs. However, it depends on the time and skill of the person. When you do it, you will get the hang of it. You will then keep applying for these jobs and develop some sort of skill for this type of job. This will count as genuine. You must take into account the competition you will face while performing these jobs since they do not require any prerequisite special knowledge.

1.2 - Paid to Click Websites:

One of the reasons why we don’t hear much about these websites is because the genuine ones are surrounded by scams. Often searching for websites on the internet is no less than a lot of trouble. You will want to assure that a given website is either genuine or fake.

One of the downfalls of these websites is the low amount of money you will be earning. Not only this, but you will also have to invest your money into these kinds of jobs first. Then you will have to ensure that many others in your family and friends use these websites. Only then you will start earning some money. Even the rate of money earning is very low when compared to other jobs. So this is the job which actually pays online but not much.

1.3 - Completion of Tasks:

Now, this is something on which I have heard huge claims and little results. This is one of the methods for earning from online jobs. However, you will find plenty of hoaxes like earn 5000$ a day or so. You should think for a second. If this was possible, wouldn’t people earning as such be featured on the internet and television programs? We would have a couple of Bill Gates running around in every country by then. The simple explanation is such a claim is utterly stupid.

Now that I have blown my personal steam, I should tell you that it is actually a genuine job. You will have to look hard for it. Certain websites will hire you to complete a few tasks. These tasks can be varying. For example, you may have to sign up somewhere. You may have to subscribe or perform similar tasks which are simple and plenty. You will earn money regardless. You shouldn’t think of this as replacing your active income sources. Money generated is often low and can fill your pocket money slot. However, to base entire income on it will require much more than simply completing tasks. There are many websites like, (They know you will make money equivalent to pocket money, no sugar coating here), and similar websites.

1.4 - Data Entry Jobs:

You can take part in data entry jobs. You will be required to enter data which is not a big reveal. All you will need is a lot of time and good typing skills. Every job no matter how irrelevant has a special skill set that is developed by practice. I have seen pretty awesome data entry skills by different people. It all comes down to how badly you want the money.

Overall, these jobs may help you with your finances. Data entry jobs, however, don’t replace your active income sources. Often the people I have seen are mostly college-level students trying to make ends meet.

1.5 - Youtube:

Ten years back, you would be laughing by the idea of earning money by uploading videos online. Now, you are thinking of earning by youtube which is exactly the same thing.

Youtube, when started, was only available to the USA. The domain expanded and eventually it also came to the country of Pakistan. The only challenge for this job is getting enough subscribers.

You will need some video editing skills and somehow an ounce of luck. It all comes down to how impressive or engaging your video is to the users. I have seen simple videos of peeling bananas having more reviews than stunts video. The stunts videos would generate more revenue if logic is followed. However, it all comes down to how interesting your video is.

Whether it is funny makeup, voice-overs, amazing editing skills, storytelling or similar things, you will be making money due to subscribers. Therefore, you will also need some time for the proper marketing of your youtube channel. Once you get nearly 50 to 60k subscribers, you will earn a lot of money.

1.6 - Freelancing:

Who can forget the good old freelancing? I have seen freelancers easily earning more money than regular jobholders. However, one thing you should always consider. There are generally two types of freelancers. One type does it for fun. These are mostly students. There are also people who wish to simply earn more than their active income. They skillfully take out some time and keep themselves busy all the time.

There are expert freelancers who are sometimes CEO or significant jobholders. They are masters of freelancing along with entrepreneurship and business skills. Often people I have seen in this category are those who have always worked hard. They took years since this was what they always wanted to do in the first place.

Do you feel that the above list is incomplete? Will you suggest something to be added? Feel free to suggest to me anything. The list of best online jobs that actually pay will keep expanding for the future.

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