Bridal Fashion and Culture from all Over the World

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1 - Bridal Fashion And Culture From All Over The World

Every country has its own culture and tradition. Usually, bridals and grooms prefer to marry in the tradition of their ancestors or at least they bring in some common elements of a traditional marriage ceremony from their cultural backgrounds. Some bridal fashion traditions are as under;

1.1 - Pakistan:

In Pakistan normally bridals have a traditional style they put mehndi on their hands and feet. They wore heavy dresses with karahi and stones work. The red color is very common for the wedding day and they use matching heavy jewelry with the dress. Normally Pakistani bridals prefer heavy makeup with the unique hairstyle they wore dupatta on their head. Pakistani bridal looks very attractive and charming in red color. Usually, the groom wore sherwani that is a traditional dress in Pakistan. Pakistani mostly celebrates three functions at their weddings Mehndi, Barat, and wali-ma.

Pakistani Bride

1.2 - Germany:

Germans are either Catholic or Protestant and the marriage takes place in the church. The bride normally wears a beautiful white gown and walks down the aisle on the arm of her father who gives her away to the groom waiting for her. After that, reception is often held in a hotel, with the bride and groom sometimes arriving on a white horse.

Germany Bride

1.3 - Morocco:

In the country of Morocco, the wedding ceremony takes many days. Before marriage, an old woman Negaffa plays an important role she prepares the bridal and the bridal chamber. After bride bath, her hands and feet are decorated with henna, kohl makeup is applied on bridals eyes and she wore a caftan dress with jewelry. In wedding men and women drink and eat at separate places. After eating bridals went in the groom’s home with gaffa The mother-in-law of bridal took off the veil and then the bride circles her new home three times before she is allowed to enter.

Morocco Bride

1.4 - Korea:

The Korean wedding ceremony is held in traditional values. Every gesture and move is strictly followed. The ceremony starts with a photoshoot, often in a beautiful garden, then the bride’s parents and family members go to where the ceremony is to take place and wait at the wedding table for the groom’s party to arrive. Throughout the short ceremony, both the bride and groom are supposed to show no emotions and to move with dignity in the stiff and elaborate costumes they wear.

Korean Bride 1

1.5 - Saudi Arabia:

Marriage in Saudi Arabia is an important family event initiated by the elders of the respective families. Once a man has made his choice he sends her gifts, the Bride is free to reject if she does not want to go ahead with the marriage. Once price and party have been agreed upon, the bride is prepared much in the same way as in Morocco for her big day. A religious ceremony takes place before a sheik and the bride gets expensive gifts of jewelry.

Men and women eat and drink in separate locations and only at the end will the bride and groom sit together. The bride wore traditional clothing along with a white Western-style wedding gown.

Saudi Bride

1.6 - Turkey:

More than in other Muslim countries, a Turkish wedding combines the basics of Western-style ceremonies with religious traditions. Weddings are usually held in big luxury hotels and the bride will wear a beautiful white gown, with a red sash, in turkey red is the color for good luck. Bridal and her husband will sit at a special table together with the witnesses, and an official will conduct the civil ceremony.

Turkish Bride

After that, the bride will often change her dress and wore a beautiful red or purple kaftan. She will be sitting by females who henna her hands and then she will walk from table to table to receive gifts of gold and money from her guests.

The dinner which, contrary to Morocco and Saudi Arabia, is not taken by men and women separately, is preceded by the dance of the fathers, an important part of the wedding ceremony. Again, money and gold coins are thrown on the dance floor and collected by the kids to be handed to the couple to help pay for the expense of the wedding.

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