Building Relationships with Influencers

Everyone who is an entrepreneur or businessman knows the importance of networking. They say your company determines what kind of person you are. This statement carries special significance when it comes to business world.

Getting to Know the right people is first step!

One of the most important steps in building a strong network is that get to know the right kind of people. How exactly to know the right kind of people? That is to build relationships with influencers.

Some people are so desperate in getting to know the right people in first turn. They end up wasting so many resources. In the end, they are back where they started.

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Do not rely on others in building relationships with influencers!

Then there is a less risky approach. Instead of approaching people on own, people start relying on other people. This is not as effective as some may think. People simply start thinking that by doing such a thing, they will reduce their risks. What they don’t know is that people who are helping them are usually like them. I am not saying to not bond with people. I am saying that bonding with people is nice; just make sure to get your opinion involved in your process.

Approach People on your own

One of most crucial steps in building a network is to approach people on our own. Like other things, there is always room for improvement. Not only this, there is also room for learning. Apart from this, when someone lets you meet another person, you are using a medium. Instead, approaching directly builds experience. There is no better confidence builder than experience.

These several tips are there from a successful entrepreneur who owns this website. These tips helped him get far in life. Keep in mind one thing. These are not the list of habits which you should adopt. Everybody has to make their own effective habits to be adopted. Rather this is a list of things which you should act upon to make your own effective routine list.

1. Know yourself:

This quote of knowing yourself is something far more than an inspirational quote. It is a way of life. Coming from different fields like engineering, business or science, this one statement is applicable for everything.

In the entrepreneurship world, the act of knowing yourself opens up tons of new opportunities. For knowing the right people, you need to know about yourself first. When you know your own unique personality, you will know which people to bond with.

If you think your likes and dislikes play no role, think again. Psychology is an important aspect of strong networking. It connects the right kind of people together. Therefore, when you make connections with people, you are influenced by their perspectives. This is a crucial step in building a relationship with influencers.

If you are someone who believes in optimism and approach people who are honest, a dirty schemer will do you more harm than good. Similarly, when you know yourself, you won’t just run after advantage. This will leave you injured in the long run. An important perspective of advantages is that you know your own short comings and personality. You will then know that it comes down to your attitude and effort. Both are not going to be harnessed when wrong people are in your company.

2. Know Them:

What other thing is important. I explained this in first step as well. The wrong people will seriously mess you up.

Suppose, you are looking for a person to assist you in stock market. You ask around your resources. You are given reference to a very talented individual.

You approach that person and form deal. After some time as you start working with the individual, you realize his/her strategy is exact opposite to what you want to do. In the end, the deal is over. You cannot work anymore with the same individual. You both suffer a loss.

This is what is going to happen if you depend on people’s opinions too much.

Get to know the individuals yourself. Check their interviews, posts and emails. Get to know them instead of including them instantly. Just because a few people referred to a person, doesn’t mean you can get your way with that person. Arrange meetings with them. Chat with their colleagues.

When you are entering in dealing with an influencer, you should know that it is a long term relationship.

3. Show Up to them:

The influencers are often showing up on different channels. They are also present on different venues. You should make note of which places or channels they are going to show up next. Do some research on their types of venues. Find out their conferences, their events and their speaking places.

Influencers are sharp people. You should try showing up more at their occasions. They will surely notice you. This will give impression that you mean business.


4. Add value to your demands:

So let’s suppose you find the kind of person you were looking for. The influencer deals with what you want.

The next step should be to add value to your demands. Think about it. These influencers meet dozens of people like you every day. What makes them want you?

Present something like this. Here is my requirement. Here is how it will benefit you. This will make them interested. Not only that, the effective beneficial requirements will also help you stand out from rest of people they are seeing.

5. Moral Codes:

There is something that makes moral codes an essential practice. Being a self-serving individual who is only in for own advantage makes for poor dealings. In the modern world of business, we are seeing lesser formalities and more human side.

Being human and practicing moral codes will build slow but permanent foundations. You will make a name for yourself in domain of influencers. Right kind of people will approach you.

The moral codes are also basis of real relations. Putting a façade of something you are not will only harm you in long run. You may meet a few dirty schemers who like to play people around. They get played around in the long run. This is one of most crucial steps in building relationships with influencers.

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