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1 - Chaukhandi Tombs – A must Visit the place for all Tourists

Whether it is the ancestors' tombs in New Orleans which is a great graveyard or the Chukhandi Tombs of Pakistan, one thing is certain. The dead have been laid to rest in some of the finest tombs possible. Placing the dead body in a container of quality material is something that has been done for decades. This concept extends from New Orleans of America to the Egyptian tombs as well as Timbuktu.

1.1 - Karachi Preserved Necroplosis:

One of the finest burials is in Karachi in form of Chaukhandi tombs of Pakistan. If you observe deeply, you will notice one oddity presenting itself in your observation. The tombs are located in some unusual area for burying the dead. The time period is also somewhat mismatching the era during which these tombstones were properly built.

Chaukhandi Tombs Wonders Of Pakistan

Constructed from huge stone slabs, these tombs are a work of architectural art. They follow the finesse structure like a pyramid that shows the masterful work of a craftsman. There are delicate patterns are carved onto these stone slabs. This whole necropolis is one of the wonders of Pakistan.

Where it is a beautifully crafted and well-preserved necropolis, the folklore is also rich. These beauties of Pakistan are not without their horror stories. When you are here visiting this place with your family or friends, you will be warned by countless locals for not wandering off at night. The tombs are notorious for being one of the most haunted spots for paranormal activity.

1.2 - Stories of Supernatural Beings:

You may want to heed to the warning. Not because you may become possessed, you will simply miss the beauty. The tombs present little to no sight in the dark of night. To enjoy the details and drawing carved on the tombstones and stone slabs, the daylight is the best option.

It is not uncommon for folks to craft various tales related to this site. While some of the tales are clearly the product of the overwhelming imagination of bored people, there also some truth in those tales. However, you must assure yourself that this is pretty normal. We share this earth with many beings; we humans are one of them. The fun part is that all the fear comes from wild human imagination and mental concepts. People are so used to bearing their normal routines that they will do anything they can to document or talk about any supernatural phenomenon they encounter. Truth is that it is as normal as we humans visiting our market. So in your travels, even if you do encounter any such activity, take a deep breath. The otherworldly neighbors have the right to show themselves time to time, just not in a harmful way.

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