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1 - Learn to Live Happily by stress management

Those bills are overdue. Your work is demanding too much of your time. The long list of family demands won’t go away…

The list is endless. In our daily lives, we encounter many cases of stress. In our desire to control things, we often try to control our environment. This is one of the main reasons for stress. There can be many other factors…like things not going our way, seeing others getting success while we are stuck in the same job or position in life. To cope with stress, we must define the cause of stress.

1.1 - Positive Stress

Contrary to popular belief, stress should not be treated as a disease. It occurs due to natural hormonal releases within our human bodies. On the positive side, the stress has several positive benefits

1. Keeps us busy in fulfilling the necessary duties

2. Gives a boost to our time management skills

3. Keeps us in touch with our world

4. Helps in growth and productivity

Stress is generally a natural reaction to hormones. Maintaining it positively in our lives is necessary. We should learn about stress management.

Positive Stress

1.2 - Harmful Stress

Why does stress become a reason for so many issues? The problem is not with issues. It is our inability to deal with those issues. When we find ourselves unable to respond properly to a problem, we simply get stressed. Some of the factors of stress can be minor, while some may be significant. The minor causes can be daily hassles while the death of a loved one is a significant factor. In both cases, the choice is on us. Rather than the avoidance of problems, it is crucial to focus on stress management.

Reactions To Stress

1.3 - Common Reactions to Stress

While reactions to stress can vary, given below are some of the common symptoms. They tell us if we are unable to cope with stress.

1. Wanting to keep everything inside and be lonely. Avoiding people more often

2. Feeling frustrated all the time. Not being able to concentrate on simple tasks

3. A feeling of getting exhausted without even trying to solve the problem

4. The giving up attitude before even trying to resolve the problem

5. Continuously thinking of past bad events or self-made negative thoughts

6. Usage of drugs

7. More anger issues surfacing up

8. Some unusual disturbance in behaviors like eating either too less or too much, same goes for sleeping

9. An increasing number of panic attacks

Panic Attack Lg

2 - Causes of Stress

Now that we have gone through some common reactions of stress, it is time to ponder upon the main causes of stress. Part of solving a problem is to first identify the source of the problem itself. Therefore, read these causes and ask yourself if any of it resonates with you.

2.1 - Daily Life Hassles:

The list of daily life hassles is endless. We have many things waiting to pinch us. It can be unpaid bills, unfulfilled promises we made to our family or friends or duties we didn’t fulfill. They can come in various forms or shapes. While these are minor causes, they can build up time by time and hamper your productivity. They can hinder your ability to cope with stress. They can also cause mental health issues. One of the worst cases I knew was a person with temporary brain memory loss. The person recovered in a brief span of time. Therefore, the stress due to small daily hassles shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Daily Life Hassles

2.2 - Traumatic Experiences:

Human life is filled with ups and downs. Some are small like daily life hassles. Some may take a significant portion of your time and energy to deal with. They can be breakups, loss of property or death of a loved one. The key is to remember that these loses are not unnatural. Although some of them mess us up badly. However, we have the ability to make for what we lost.

Traumatic Experiences

2.3 - Procrastination:

One of the most common causes of stress is procrastination. The procrastination during our work hours overloads the future with unnecessary burdens. In order to effectively cope with stress, we need to learn how to deal with procrastination properly. It is a common problem with many causes and solutions.


2.4 - Expectations:

When you are an adult, there are always going to be commitments. These commitments are always going to lead to expectations. Self-placed expectations are sometimes good. However, there also comes expectations on others which unfortunately are a natural behavior. People especially family and friends will always place expectations on us. Whether we fit them or not sometimes become our defining point. This will mess us up if we don’t deal with them properly.

Expectations L 1

2.5 - Future Worries:

You may dream big for your promotion. You may dream about your children achieving many other goals in their lives. You may have planned to shift into a new house by the next month. We stress a lot about unnecessary things for the future. We want things to go exactly as we have planned them to go. We want to achieve so many things for ourselves in the future. When we don’t get exactly as we wanted to have, we worry even more about the upcoming future.

Future Worries

2.6 - Failures:

This is one of the most common causes of stress. Our failures put us on a defining point sometimes. Others and sometimes even we wrongly define our worth by them. The failures can be small like not being able to buy something or such. They can sometimes be big like failing to keep a smooth relationship or finances.


2.7 - All Work and no Play:

There is the truth in this saying. Staying constantly sharpened will dull a blade. You are not a robot. You are better than a robot. You have emotions, productivity, and innovation. This means from time to time, you will need to have fun. Whether it is hanging out with a friend or simply enjoying a new place, you will need time to recharge. All work and no play will leave you frustrated and procrastinating.

All Work And No Play

3 - Tips to Cope with Stress:

If you skipped right to this portion of the article, you must know that the above information is given for a reason. The problem is solved by knowing the cause first.

Given below are the most effective tips for dealing with stress. They will allow you to shift towards a better lifestyle. They will also put you in a balanced mode. Everything works best when you are in balance.

3.1 - Acceptance:

Whether it is a minor hassle like irritating duties in daily life, or it is a major loss like divorce, breakup, death or any other traumatic experience, the key is acceptance. In the case of a daily hassle, you need to accept that these things are part of life. They hide small lessons and training which you can utilize to get better.

In the case of traumas, accept that it happened. Accept that you have experienced such a loss. There is now a gap left which will fill up with self-care, healthy routine and self-development.


3.2 - Give time to heal:

In case of failures or traumas, if you expect yourself to get back on your feet soon enough, you are making a mistake. It is healthy to give a suitable time to heal yourself. Grieving over your loss doesn’t make you negative. It makes you human. It is said that you shouldn't take the loss to your heart. It is rightly said.

You will need to search for how you can grow through this opportunity. Everything in life is something that will allow you to grow in a positive direction. No loss is without growth. If we didn’t have the ability to grow beyond our present experiences, we wouldn’t have made it past Stone Age.

Time Heals All Wounds Quote 1

3.3 - Healthy Routine:

Time management is very crucial. You must set a very healthy routine to cope with your loss or stress of daily hassles. Naturally, your healthy routine will include all other things which are necessary. It would be difficult in case of a major loss. It is, however, worth it. By setting a healthy routine, you are setting your growth pattern. In the beginning, there would be difficult. However, you will get up and be running in no time. Involve physical exercise and meditation as a necessary part of your routine.

Healthy Routine

3.4 - Ask for Help and Support:

Never ever reject anyone’s genuine help. You cannot set tips to cope with stress on your own. You need the help of those close to you. If they can’t help you, you must seek counseling from someone professional. Life is not lived alone. It is a wonderful gift that also needs a healthy relationship with others. This makes our life balanced and stress-free.

Support And Health

4 - Conclusion:

Stress is a natural reaction to issues and problems of life. It can be used positively to increase our productivity. However, we need to learn about stress management properly. This will give us a balanced and healthy life. Instead of treating it like a disease, we must learn to keep a balance of worries and relaxation.

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