Developing Self-Discipline – How to Discipline Yourself

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1 - Become your Own Strict Coach!

People usually wonder how it is to be disciplined. They usually think that being disciplined means having to follow a diehard strict routine. If this is not enough, being disciplined is also linked with visions of following a linear pattern like a robot. This is true somehow. That is if someone forms your routine pattern instead of you. As a famous quote says:

"Self Discipline is the Best Discipline!"

Sure it is very tough if you look at it the way people vision it. However, if you are following a self-made routine, you will find out there is great joy in it. There is no difficulty in how to discipline yourself.

2 - People Depend on Others to Discipline them!

People usually let others form their routines. This is where things get out of control. People take being disciplined as being controlled. This is true. Our strict patterns control us. Does the difference come in who formed those patterns in the first place? Because if it was someone other than you, you will always feel limited and controlled.

The patterns that we form for ourselves are responsible for getting things done. How?

3 - Finding and Forming our own Time - How to Discipline Yourself

When we discipline ourselves, it becomes more like an act of liberation. This is because we are finding time for things that we love to do. When we do so, we are forming a self-satisfactory routine. Shorter the breaks in the routine, the more satisfaction we will be. We will always be working on what we love to do.

Consider this to being told to do something all the time. Which scenario is better? Can you point out the difference?

4 - Self - Empowerment in terms of disciplining yourself!

The difference is in terms of self-empowerment and self-authority. When someone takes authority for their own life, discipline becomes rewarding. When we let this command be taken by a system or person, we indeed become controlled. Human nature resists being controlled. We try to weaken our nature by fear. This is where roots the cause of the fearful representation of fear.

So the question is not whether discipline is good or not. Now the question is how to maintain our own discipline?

The fundamentals of any discipline formation are an incredible commitment to a goal, a desire to change and forming a self-automated. program.

5 - Forget Traditional Norms!

It is hard to practice discipline when we conform to the standards of society. This is because this society promotes instant happiness. When you are following your goals and working on them, society will turn a blind eye. Even if you are noticed, you won’t be encouraged much. But when the miracle of hard work finally happens, you finally get the reward you deserve; the society will take instant notice.

Self Discipline 2

We also bind ourselves to laziness by what we want now. Discipline is more like choosing what you want now and what you want more. Certainly, at some point in life, you will know that in trying to choose instant happiness, we forgot to build up what we really dreamed of building. The purpose of this article is to let avoid such a scenario.

We humans have an innate desire to be in control. While the flawed nature comes quite easily, it takes commitment to let the refined nature take over. Yet when it does take over, the effect is permanent and rewarding. It is rightly said that once a mind is stretched by new dimensions, it can never go back to its old narrow dimensions.

6 - Tips for Self-Discipline

Given below are several tips for practice the art of discipline. You will form more of a control over your life by practicing it.

6.1 - Setting Big Goals:

See the big picture. Envision where you wish to stand after five to ten years. Commit to seeing that vision as clearly as possible. See it, feel it.

Don’t form unrealistic notions like seeing yourself as president of a country or something. Pick something which is generally like achieving a lot of wealth or gaining the expertise of something. The idea is to practice activities related to something which is achievable. If you see yourself as conquering the world, it is worth nothing.

6.2 - Set Activities for that Goal:

Suppose you set yourself on a quest of becoming the person of your dreams. Now don’t let it become only a figment of your imagination.

You have to break that goal down. It will take some of your time. So give it to you are all. I realize that this will pay you very much. Break down the goals into doable activities. Set a few deadlines to meet yourself. Break down into tasks from yearly to daily basis.

6.3 - Everyday Matters:

It is a false notion to waste a few days to start. The fun activities will keep on popping up more and more. Ultimately, all that will remain is an illusion of what you want to become. It will be more like what you wanted to become but couldn’t find the time for.

Know that each and every day in your life important. Every day matters. There is a famous saying that you don’t have to count the days. Instead, make the days count. There is a ton of wisdom in it. The wise men say that the focused effort of two hours is better than the scattered effort of eight hours. You will discipline yourself then.

Utilize every day to become closer to your goals. Do take breaks but at the right moment and for the right amount of time.

Self Discipline 1

6.4 - Don’t Stop:

When you start something, don’t come in the middle only to change it. This will waste all your effort which you were going to do. Set your mind towards something and just do it. Don’t waste time on how or what. Once you go for a plan, the only way to achieve what you really dream of is to keep going. Keep going.

6.5 - No Matter What:

When you give yourself too much relief, your mind will start losing the importance of goals. You have to work every day no matter what. With the right mental attitude and positive actions, everything is possible.

The problem is to maintain both. This isn’t really a problem but we usually manage to turn it into one. We often forget about the mental attitude when working hard. We fall short of physical work when maintaining a positive attitude.

Set your mind with the mentality of doing something no matter what. Only then will you achieve what you are looking for.

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