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Along with 10 million users worldwide, you will want to get this multimedia software. Its main role is to either replay or maintain the multimedia files on your personal computer. It is an integrated multimedia player that allows you the conversion of audio, CD, digital video and so forth. You can also replay your converted versions on this software.

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1 - JetAudio Features

Given below are some of its features that will make you want to download JetAudio.

1.1 - Replaying the Converted Version:

How to test if your conversion really worked like you wanted it to work? You won’t know for sure unless you test it out yourself. The JetAudio provides an authentic platform for not only effective conversion, but it also allows you to replay your converted version on it.

1.2 - High-speed encoding:

Encoding itself is a great feature. However, if the software takes to long for simple encoding, it simply won’t be on your future list. Luckily that is not the case with JetAudio. This software makes sure that along with other requirements, you also get high encoding speed which is more than feasible for your other needs.

1.3 - Reverb Function and 3D effects:

Whether it’s the epic conversion or it is the high-speed encoding, JetAudio surely takes the lead. But what about 3d effects or the reverb function...the software even takes lead on these epic features too. 10 million users can’t lie.

1.4 - Remote Controller:

Using MCE remote controller, you can control JetAudio software. This makes so many things tons easier especially if you are short on time and need simple yet efficient remote control. You will need to see the proper guide for its proper usage though.

1.5 - Album Management:

If your album needs convenient management, this software will do just the trick. You can also effectively use the playlist utilities if you want to use them.

Other than the above-mentioned features, there are several others which will satisfy you to the fullest:

1. Audio CD ripping and Audio Conversion

2. Broadcasting Online

3. Speed Optimization and Control

4. Alarm Timer

5. Equalizer Sound effect

6. Supporting All Major File Formats

7. Major Sound Effects Included

8. Crystal Clear Sound

You will be surprised to know that the list is still not inclusive of all the traits. Download JetAudio and find out more about features by the first-hand experience.

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