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RealPlayer is one of the most used and leading platforms in the field of media players. The real player is basically a solution to all of your media player problems. With the evolution of this platform, features like Facebook integration as well as cloud integration have made it ten times better than before. Whether it is iPhone videos or simply youtube videos, the real player is a must for your device be it pc or mobile. You also have the option of downloading videos using real player download which makes it tons easier to store what you like from the internet. You can entertain yourself while you are offline.

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1 - RealPlayer Features

Given below are some of the major features of this remarkable media player which will make you want to download RealPlayer free.

1.1 - Facebook Integration:

Using your real player interface, you now have direct integration with Facebook. As you log into Facebook, you will notice that you can now share videos for others to watch on facebook using your real player’s interface. Alternatively, you can also watch videos others have shared.

1.2 - Syncing:

With the feature like cloud integration, your real player can be synced with any device you want to use. You may also stream directly to your TV. These features were added according to modern users’ requirements.

1.3 - Real-Time Stories:

Whether it is making a clip of movie or memory photos linked together to form a playing film, a real player is your tool which will come in handy quite often for these purposes.

Other than the above-mentioned features, several other features are mentioned below:

1. Automatic creation of video stories

2. The option of the addition of special filters to customized films which can be made

3. Music addition of your choice, it is included as part of ultimate customization

4. Integration with social platforms such as twitter, facebook, and others to share the perfect moments with other friends

5. Backing up the memories or favorite videos on online cloud store

With all this said, you will want to go after the option of RealPlayer free download. Download it and enjoy all the features.

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