Drones as the Ambulance Fleet of the Future

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1 - Drones As The Ambulance Fleet Of The Future

So this 2019 year is ending, and the dawn of the new year 2020 is nigh. It is funny how 2019 was the year of innovations. So many innovative techs emerged. Some hit a rock bottom as soon as they were launched, fidget spinners being one of them. Some rose to their peak. It is funny how the stuff told in old magic tales often becomes a reality thanks to the modern tech. The way they are materialized is not how we imagine. For example, you have to replace the flying magic carpet with helicopters. They are safer and better anyways.

2 - Ambulance Drones the Invention of 2019

While all other inventions have been given a solid form of reality, one of the things that have been improved quite a lot is the ambulance. Among them, the idea of future ambulance drones is an amazing invention In many ways, the imagination of Santa plays out when it comes to the ambulance of modern tech. The things that you end up replacing are sleighing bells with drones. You also get to replace the gifts with medical emergency supplies. So future ambulance drones are a thing now!

The ambulances are not digitalized for the first time. For example, a company in the world tale of Zipline (drone designing company) supplies 20% of net blood supplies by using drone technology. This is not the end. Rather this is merely beginning of a much-optimized future. This is because everything is now entering a new age of technology. Several other companies neighboring Tanzania announced that they would also be using the digital ambulances.

Future Drones

3 - The USA in Progress of Drones

In the USA, one would expect the drone tech to be at a peak. However, this is not the case. This is because the country laws didn’t allow for conducting unmanned drone tests. In October 2017, Trump signed the resolution. It would now allow for conducting the tests of unmanned drone tests. Who knows what future doors this could open! The following are the points which speak about the progress of the USA in case of the future of ambulance drones.

3.1 - Trump Legislation:

According to Trump, passing such legislation was a step forward towards making America progressive. He assured that they would be flying their drones faster and in better positions than other countries. Especially this new legislation about drones that Trump passed allows the local governments and communities to conduct their own drone tests.

3.2 - Amazon and Google Own them:

For all the tech fervor created by the passing legislation, companies like Amazon and Google seem to be still a lot behind when compared to the ideal progress. However, it is hoped that they will exceed their own expectations within a short span of time.

3.3 - Zipline, the Only Company with Pragmatic Ambulance Drones for Future:

The CEO of Zipline said that the government has become quite stagnant with their policies. He also gave a few thoughts about becoming the leading technology in such policies issued by the government. In an interview with a tech enthusiast of Tech Crunch, a blog about technology, the CEO explained some of the vital facts about issues raised in drone development. The issues are not of design; rather they are pure of investment nature. Given below are some of the significant questions that were asked and answered by the CEO.

Future Drones 2

4 - Questions about Company involved in Drone research on Healthcare

These questions were asked by the CEO of Zipline, a famous company that issues drone's products. The following questions display not only the status of the company as an innovative company; they also show what the company is doing. It is also known by looking at these questions that show the progress of this research.

Q. What is the role of Zipline? How is the development of drones for healthcare going?

Ans: Zipline is one of those companies that are working day and night to build a better future for the people. One of these things is that they strive to achieve is to deliver urgent medical products. Most often, the output that can be achieved by drones cannot be achieved by ambulances. Part of our drone practices also includes delivering blood supplies. We have already implemented some of our drones to deliver the blood supplies.

Q. What is the average rate of delivery?

Ans: Currently the quest for improvement is going on. On average, the drones were capable of delivering about 20 deliveries per faculty. The deliveries are also going forward in terms of numbers. The 20 delivery rate per week is intended to increase.

5 - Life-Saving Story of Ambulance Drones

While these two questions don’t answer much of everything, the drone’s deliveries in Tanzania are bound to prove useful. In Africa as well as Tanzania, these drones are proving immensely useful in blood delivering purposes. It is expected of them to even grow in business and use it for the future.

5.1 - The Life of Young Woman Saved:

A practical insight over their use will be demonstrated by this story. A young woman in Tanzania who was giving birth started bleeding heavily. She had a critical condition. Even though doctors tried giving her the blood there, the supplies weren’t enough.

The doctors had to travel a few miles to the hospital which would take nearly a few hours. The young woman didn’t have that kind of time.

The doctors instead sent these drones to the hospital. The drones were successful in bringing the blood on time to the spot which saves the young woman’s life.

6 - Conclusion:

The following conclusion can be drawn about the ambulance drones.

1. Ambulance drones are slowly becoming more popular.

2. The USA has little restrictions on its usage. However, companies like Google and Amazon are developing them. The only Company that currently invests in their usage is Zipline.

3. Drones have saved countless lives of people, especially in Africa and Tanzania.

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