Fashion Trends: New Styles and Looks of 2020

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1 - Fashion Trends and its Impact on Society

If you say to define the world fashion then I must say that it's not an easy task to define fashion nowadays. Fashion trends are very complex mechanisms that reflect changes in political, economic, cultural and social norms.

Fashion Trends 2

Generally, fashion can be seen in many fields like outfits, accessories, equipment, machines, beauty and even the way of speaking. Naturally, a human being cannot live on just one taste. Like we can’t eat the same food daily likewise, we cannot spend our life in old fashion or in the same fashion. We want to create our life more cheerful and colorful. We feel fresh due to the colors of attractive things like fashion. Fashion and modern youth now become a part of the fashion world.

Fashion also discloses the class within which an individual in the society falls. The fashions adopted by people in different classes in society are different. The elite class may consider buying expensive items to fulfill their social needs in society. On the other hand, the middle class will tend to buy comparatively cheaper items. In this case, fashion is used to reveal the status of the individual in society. Although, this idea may not be valid in all situations; some people may dress in a way that does not match their financial ability. A person in the middle class of society can buy a more expensive dress than a richer person.

2 - Girls Fashion Styles and Trends

Normally fashion is very common in girls rather than boys. Girls seem to be very conscious of their looks, style and beauty also they want to look up to date and unique. Girls focus on their hairstyle, nails, dressing style, footwear and walking style. In girls' fashion, short shirts with cigarette pants are very common nowadays. The fashion of long shirts will be gone soon. Girls prefer loose shirts with jeans or tights.

On ceremonies, girls normally wear heavy dresses like saris, lehnga, sharara, and frocks with embroidery of precious stones and car-hai. They use dark makeup with normally high heels.

At parties, girls prefer light dresses like shalwar kameez, loose shirts with jeans or tights. They do light makeup on parties.

Girls Fashion Trends

Nowadays nail art is very common in girls. There are many nail arts like zebra nail art, rainbow nail art, angry bird nail art and much more.

3 - Boys Fashion Styles and Trends:

Boys prefer new and fashionable clothes according to fashion. Mostly they follow the movie hero’s fashion. Their way of speaking, walking and even gestures are sometimes are exactly like film heroes. Boys sometimes prefer loose pants and sometimes tight pants with colorful attractive t-shirts.

Boys Trends

4 - Our Youngsters and Fashion:

Besides these things, fashion is also damaging our society in some perspective. Youngsters who spend more attention on fashion are less attentive to their studies and when it comes to concentration time to their academic career, they seem to be less conscious. TV shows, movies and the role of fashion Magazines are harming the very basics of the student society and they start feeling that their life would end if they don’t follow fashion.

5 - Conclusion:

After reading this article we can say that fashion can change a person’s overall personality, looks as well as behavior. On the other hand, we should adopt a fashion that suits our personality. So keep in mind that fashion can enhance our personality and can spoil our personality as well. For students, I must say that they should concentrate on their studies and don’t spend their precious time on useless things.

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