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1 - Benefits of Fish Oil

All of you must know about the fish oil. It stinks badly, doesn’t it? However, did you know that fish oil has omega 3 fatty acids? What are those? Before we jump onto this answer, let me tell you the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. For starters, they protect the heart from heart disease. While their effect on the heart as beneficial fatty acids is certain, the other advantages they offer are somewhat from mixed research. The question of how fish oils are useful here is answered.

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2 - Some Helpful Omega3 Fatty Acids

The first omega 3 fatty acid is called EPA. The EPA is a useful fatty acid which helps our body in forming chemicals. These chemicals help in blood clotting. Fish usually obtain the EPA from algae they eat.

The 2nd most common fatty acid is called DHA. DHA is also present in the human body. It benefits the human eyes and brain.

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3 - Health Benefits of Omega Acids

While a profound number of studies have been conducted on omega acids, not all claim that they are advantageous. This doesn’t mean that they are harmful either. They have been surely claimed beneficial in various ways. Yet the studies couldn’t find a common ground for the benefits of omega acids. This might be due to the reason that there are different omega acids in different types of fish. Following is the list of benefits the omega acid has.

1. Multiple Sclerosis:

The multiple sclerosis is a disease. It is short for MS in patients. The omega acids help people in protection against MS. There have been many studies confirming this health benefit of omega acids. However, one study claims that they have not this health benefit.

2. Prostate Cancer Treatment:

Prostate cancer is a severe issue with many. Fortunately, the omega acids along with other oils in fish have been found to be effective against prostate cancer. The oils present in fish help prevent the development of this cancer.

However, according to certain other research, it was declared that a high intake of fish oils can actually increase the chances of prostate cancer and other types of cancers.

3. Pregnancy:

The fish oils have also been known to benefit pregnancy. The pregnancy often follows with a depression known as, “Post Partum Depression”. Researchers suggest that a proper dose of fish oil can help prevent this type of depression. While the fish oil intake is good, researchers suggest that the oils are taken along with other foods instead of being taken alone.

4. Mental Benefits:

When it comes to health benefits, fish oils are one of those ingredients that not only benefit the body, they also benefit the mind. According to some studies in 2007, (pilot studies), it was concluded that those having the disorder of ADHD can actually benefit from fish oil.

Other than ADHD, fish oils can also benefit the thinking processes. The fish oils can also be included in psychiatrist medicines as treatment for children.

5. Memory and Concentration:

The memory and concentration are increased many folds as a result of consuming fish oil properly. There have been many types of research in which it was proved that fish oil intake was related to memory enhancements along with concentration empowerment.

It was shown by some other researchers that fish oils do little to prevent memory and concentration loss in older age individuals.

6. Heart and Cardiovascular Benefits:

When mental stress occurs, special hormones are released. These special hormones may sometimes be the cause of heart diseases. Fish oils come in handy at such time. Researchers have tied a direct link between fish oils and the protection of the heart from diseases.

When it comes to cardiovascular functions, the fish oils again show their benefits. It was shown in studies that people who started taking the fish oils properly had not only developed better heart function, they also had developed better cardiovascular functions.

4 - How Fish Oils are Useful:

The question of how fish oils are useful here is answered.

There have also been a few studies showing that fish oils were directly linked to low rates of death strokes, heart attacks, and similar other things.

While some researchers have shown the little relation of fish oils to heart, it is certain that more or less, they do benefit the heart.

a. Alzheimer’s disease:

The disease is common in old age. Although in one study, the link between fish and memory was established in the case of young adults, teenagers, and children, it was proclaimed that fish oils have not been very effective in the case of old people. While in 2007, it was proved that the fish oils have indeed benefited the old people. It helped them deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

b. Vision Loss:

The vision loss is another apparent disease that comes with old age. Not only vision loss is apparent in old people, but younger individuals may also show signs. The visual loss is also prevalent in some cases of middle-aged people. Fish oils can help in combating vision loss. The fish oils enhance the eyesight and help with eye development. This produces natural immunity against vision loss.

c. Epilepsy:

Epilepsy is often accompanied by seizures. It is proved that a small dose of fish oils can help fight back epilepsy. According to research, the intake of proper amounts of fish oils can help reduce the seizures due to epilepsy.

5 - Risks of Taking in too much of Fish Oils:

While the fish oils do have their benefits, they tend to have risks too. These risks often arise when people don’t comply with the proper dose. Having too much fish oils can result in following harmful effects

1. Effect on blood clotting

2. High levels of Vitamin A and D can be poisonous

3. Minor digestion problems, diarrhea, or stomach ache may occur

4. Cause allergy

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6 - Conclusion:

Too much of anything is never good, whether it is food or oil. While fish oils have been proved to have tons of benefits, too much intake can also result in harm instead of benefits. Other than this, they help us in heart protection against diseases, memory development, enhanced eyesight, and proper brain functioning.

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