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Specifically designed for the Windows platform, Footbar2000 is a freeware audio player. It is advanced, fast and efficient. As a convenient and flexible audio utility, all of your favorite music according to your preferences can be loaded on it. It also offers incredible optimization which can allow you to use this app in any way you want. It is designed to manage your media library.

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Given below is a list of its features which will make you want to go after Footbar2000 download.

1. It supports nearly all of the present audio formats.

2. The playback is gapless. It allows for efficient playing.

3. Its user interface is incredibly simple and user understandable.

4. The tagging options are quite advanced which will allow for better customization.

5. There are also handy keyboard shortcuts that can be customized.

6. The app is incredibly quick and versatile. It loads very quickly and plays your media smoothly. Even if it’s a large library, this freeware software can handle it. You can practically unload all of your music here, it won’t overload.

7. The layout is highly optimized and customizable. Whether it is the quick setup we are talking about or it is the process of making individual selections, you have incredibly vast options for customizations.

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