The Psychological Benefits of Fruits We Never Knew

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1 - Fruits have Mental Benefits

While we all know the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, we only think of physical benefits. However, according to modern research, not only fruits and vegetables are effective for a healthy body, but they also maintain healthy psychology levels. Therefore, they provide mental benefits as well as physical benefits.

Fruits And Vegetables

As we all know, we have been hearing too long from our parents about vegetable benefits. “Eat your veggies”, has been a common motto for such a long time. Apparently, vegetables and fruits do wonders for the physical body.

2 - Some Amazing Research on Fruits and Vegetables Psychological Benefits:

In the university of Otago in New Zealand, research conducted by Dr. Tamlin showed wonderful results. Dr. Tamlin experimented on two groups of 14 people each. One group was given more fruits and vegetables for consecutive 14 days. The ones who received more fruits and vegetables in nutrition displayed amazing levels of motivation. It was clearly shown to be related to their vitality levels. Along with vitality, fruits and vegetables' psychological benefits were also proved.

Their findings have been mentioned in their journal, PLOS ONE.

Another brilliant research by the US department of agriculture, we should strive for about 1-2 cups of fruits daily. The department gave similar research for vegetable quantity daily.

For conforming to such a diet, all you need to do is to arrange a single fruit every day. It can be an apple, orange or anything. Similarly, any vegetable equal to one large potato will set you up.

A healthy intake of fruits and vegetables also shows resistance against diseases produced in the body. Some of these diseases can be diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and even strokes.

2.1 - Experiment on three groups of People:

About 171 students were enrolled in the program. The aim was to collect data about fruits and vegetable effects on the brain.

These students ranged from 18 years old to 25 years old. They were mostly teenagers and young adults. A total of three groups were formed. The time duration for this study was selected to be 14 days. It was to determine the mental benefits of fruits and vegetables.

2.2 - Group Experiments:

The first group was instructed to go about their eating business as usual. They were to eat as usual. The other group was handed additional nutritional diets of vegetables and fruits. The study was conducted to find not only the physical effects but also mental effects on people.

The third group was studied for a different purpose. Instead of giving diets by themselves, the scientists experimented with something else on them. These people were given reminders to eat their veggies and fruits more often.

In the beginning, the psychological and physical exercises were given a test. The similar tests were given at the end of the experiments. The results were astounding.

2.3 - Third Group Succeeded with fruits and vegetable diets:

The two groups, one that went on normal diets along with the one that was constantly given reminders, showed little to no difference in test results. They were the same as usual.

The third group gave surprising results. The psychological tests included tests of motivation, vitality, stress-free lifestyle and similar common behaviors. The researchers were amazed to find that the group that personally received the diet of fruits and vegetables, showed little to no symptoms of psychological problems like stress. The group also gave wonderful results in case of vitality and motivation.

While the first and third group showed no improvement whatsoever in stress or motivation level, the 2nd group that received personal diets of fruits exceeded the expectations.

The critics of this experiment are still skeptical about results. According to the most raised objection, a time of 2 weeks is not enough to support the results. The short term benefit of fruits and vegetables are verified, that is for sure. However, in the case of long term effects, the experiment does little to support the claims.

2.4 - Scientific Results:

The research team defended by claiming that an unrealistic long time for tests is impossible. However, scientists are going to try the long term research too by targeting the people who have been vegetarian for a long time. The scientists of this research also aim to start experimenting on people by introducing veggies and fruit diets. This procedure is to be continued for about one to two years. The two-year time span will give enough information to support the 2-week experiment results.

The research team further clarifies that providing young adults with fruits and vegetables helped on a personal level. Those who were given reminders often forgot to keep up the routine. Introducing fruits and veggies diet did wonder to the health of young adults under experiment.

3 - Psychological Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables:

The remarkable feature of this wonderful study is that it proves to be the first study in such research. The research team explained that high-quality fruits and vegetables did wonder. When these fruits and vegetables were included in diets, the young adults showed improvement in memory and stress levels at a wonderful rate. The findings further enhanced the results. There was clearly a direct relationship between eating high-quality vegetables and fruits and maintaining healthy mental being.

Fruits Veggies Full

While it may be surprising for scientists, it is not a surprise for wise people. Fruits and vegetables have always been known to provide resistance against heart and cardiovascular diseases. The proper intake of fruits and vegetables also allows for a balanced system that is bliss in the modern age.

Apart from this, it has also been shown that fruits and vegetables fight off some mentally problematic behaviors like addictions. The researches have shown time to time how fruits become a substitute for sugar cravings.

It has also been shown many times that fruits and vegetables were linked to a diet of Buddhists and monks who showed high levels of personal satisfaction. These people took nothing but fruits as their diets.

4 - Conclusion:

Although modern research has just proved the various advantages of fruits and vegetables on mental health, it is not a new study. The study may have been first in science; it is not new in sociological circles of experts. All the life veterans know that fruits and vegetables carry a significant effect on our psychology. They, along with a balanced diet of meat make way for a successful and happy life.

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