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Gom Player

With optimal system requirements, the GOM player is the media player which you will want to get. The best thing is that the GOM player is free despite its wide functionality as well as ease of usage. GOM player brings built-in support for all popular video and media player formats. Coming with tons of advanced features along with a lot of customization options as well as codec finder service, you will be surprised why the software that has this much to offer is free. Along with many features upgraded by even advanced features, the GOM player is there to fulfill all of your needs. These are the reasons why this media player has a lot of users typically in millions.

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1 - GOM Player Features

Given below are some of the features which will allow you to go for the option of GOM player free download afterward.

1.1 - Free Software:

Isn’t it obvious? GOM player brings a lot of features and exciting options. All of these options are generally brought with the price. However, the GOM player offers all those features and packages for free.

1.2 - File Support:

The GOM player brings comprehensive file support. The default options of this player support a huge number of video and audio formats.

1.3 - Subtitles:

When it comes to subtitles in a video utility, the GOM player has the strong functionality of subtitles. You have the option of downloading a large number of subtitles from your own library or link them with famous websites like OpenSubtitles.org which will freely adjust your requirement.

1.4 - 360 degrees View:

Whether it is your monitor problem or simple you want to adjust, worry not. The 360 degrees feature is exactly what it sounds. It offers you to watch it sideways, frontways or simply rotate views through degrees. You can watch videos on youtube in 360 degrees.

Along with these common features, there is also a list of advanced features like customization, codec finding, remote control features and mobile integration of media players. Along with these ones, there are also many others that make way for best user experience. You will want to avail of the option of GOM player free download.

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