Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Opens up Milli Muslim League

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Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is the idea giver for the MML (Milli Muslim League). In case if you don’t remember, Hafiz Saeed was the mastermind of the Mumbai Attacks. It wasn’t long when this group was opposed to its idea of opening the political party office. Considering the situation of Pakistan, it seems the political parties in some cases seem to become a shelter for violent thugs and gangs. Similar is the case here when Hafiz Saeed opened his first office in Lahore. He named his new political party, Milli Muslim League. Like the already partitioned Muslim League wasn’t enough for the cause. The pleas of this group of Hafiz Saeed seeking political center for his group’s activities was recently opposed by the government. They were called violent groups who would breed further trouble. Yet in no way, it seemed any difficult for them to open up a party office here in Lahore for 2018.

Following the opening of this controversial political party that seems to inflict discomfort at the start, Hafiz Saeed further explained his efforts to partake in the elections of 2018. The Milli Muslim League would compete as one of the political parties with usual cliché rants. This would be about their group bringing change to Pakistan which would be beneficial. The main party involved under the guise of the Milli Muslim League is none other than the terrorist party of Jamat-ud-Dawa. This party will also be partaking in elections. Their current followers are unknown.

The organizations which were led by him under the name of Lashkar e Taiba were banned due to their terrorist reputation. It seems he has found a new way to bring them back under the name of Milli Muslim League.

The party may have opened its office recently, yet when looking back, the effort has been going on for some time. Back in 2017, the party Milli Muslim League challenged the Pakistan Election Commission’s decisions. The Election commission declined the requests of MML to present itself as a political party before. The recent inauguration of his office was followed by one of Jamadut Dawa members contesting the polls in September.

Resistance to his party didn’t come just from one side. Apart from the Election Commission of Pakistan making the bold decision, the interior ministry has also refused the establishment of this party. Yet hell-bent on being the political figure of New Year, Hafiz Saeed continued with his plans for his political party.

Fearing the extremism and violence this group will breed in the future, the government of Pakistan made one of the right decisions. The government in its attempt to present solid opposition made a request to courts of Pakistan. The request clearly mentions not to let Hafiz Saeed gain any political support from the courts due to his extreme terrorist stances of the past. It seems he wished to do what he did in the past by the new name of Milli Muslim League.

The Pakistan interior ministry also agrees that Hafiz Saeed is not to be allowed to gain political power. This is because the ministry clearly declined the idea of corrupted concepts of Jihad and terrorism to become mainstream ideas.

Despite all the opposition, Hafiz Saeed is trying best to gain political power. He is currently seeking new resources and is firmly hell-bent on gaining a political platform. The platform can provide further resources to precede his agenda.

One thing is certain. In the ignorant masses of people, the fervor is also present in support of MML.

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