Hair Fall Treatment: Homemade Tips to Avoid Hair Fall

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1 - Homemade Tips to Cure Hair Fall

There are many homemade tips that can be used to prevent hair fall. The following are some handsome tips that may surely beneficial for hair loss.

Hair Care Tips

Hair loss is very dangerous because it indicated that a person is very weak internally. If you are facing a hair loss problem then it means that you are not eating healthy food or you may have a dandruff problem.

1.1 - Hair Fall Causes:

*Diet problems

*Minerals deficiency

*High potency medicines

*Severe Stress



2 - Things to Do

Avoid Hair Loss

Here are homemade remedies to stop hair loss:

2.1 - Coconut Oil Massage:

Coconut Oil is very beneficial for hair loss prevention. Heat up some coconut oil that you think that it will be sufficient for your hairs. Massage your hairs with coconut oil from root to tips with your hands for 15 minutes. Then leave it for half an hour after that wash your hairs with a suitable shampoo. It will bring shine to your hairs, smoothes down your hairs and most importantly it protects from hair loss.

2.2 - Onion is Good for Hair Loss and Damage:

For hair lose onion juice is a very beneficial tip. Onion contains sulfur that is very good for hair growth. Take an onion squeeze juice from it, apply its juice into your scalp with a finger, after that leave your hairs for one hour and then wash your hairs with fresh water.

2.3 - Henna is Very Beneficial for Hair Loss and Hair Damage:

Henna is very beneficial for hair shine and hair growth. It is normally used for hair coloring or can be used as a conditioner, but it is also very useful for hair loss and for dandruff. Take a few hennas to add some mustard oil in it mix them very well. Apply it on your hairs and leave for one hour after that wash your hair with fresh water.

2.4 - Gooseberry or Amla:

Amla is very effective for those who are facing hair loss problems. Amla contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are very beneficial for hairs. Take amla powder and add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Mix them very well. Apply it on your scalp and leave your hair until they become dry. After that wash your hair with warm water.

3 - Things to Avoid Hair Fall

Here are things you should avoid to avoid hair fall:

3.1 - Do not Tie your Hair too Tightly:

Some people tie their hairs too tightly with an elastic band or with clips daily, which can cause hair loss. Like if you are making tight buns, ponytails or tight braids daily it may result in heavy hair fall.

3.2 - Do not Dye your Hairs Frequently:

Regular use of hair dye may result in serious hair loss because hair dye contains chemicals that are very dangerous for hairs.

3.3 - Avoid hair dryers, hair straightener, and hair roller:

Regular use of heat on hairs may weaken protein present in hairs. Frequent use of hairdryers and rollers can damage hairs, low down hair shine and can cause hair fall.

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